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The Do’s and Don’ts of Installing Garden Edging: Expert Tips and Tricks

HomeStoriesThe Do's and Don'ts of Installing Garden Edging: Expert Tips and Tricks

The art of garden design is a satisfying endeavor, teeming with opportunities to showcase creativity, functionality, and aesthetic flair. A crucial yet often overlooked element of this process is garden edging. Particularly, garden-edging aluminium has become popular for its durability, flexibility, and sleek appearance, providing a crisp and clean boundary in your garden. Let’s take a deeper look at some expert advice on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to installing garden edging for landscaping.

The Do’s of Installing Garden Edging

Do Plan Ahead

Before you purchase your garden edging aluminium, take the time to sketch out your garden. Identify where you want your boundaries to go, whether it’s around flower beds, along pathways, or next to your lawn. This planning stage is crucial to ensure you have enough materials and that your edging will meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

Do Prepare the Ground

The success of your garden edging depends largely on your preparation. Some critical points to remember:

  • Clear the area: Remove any rocks, roots, or debris from the area where you will be installing the edging.
  • Mark the lines: Use a garden hose or a string and stakes to mark the exact lines where your edging will be placed. This helps maintain a consistent border throughout your garden.
  • Dig a trench: The trench should be wide and deep enough to accommodate your aluminium edging and provide stability.

Do Install Correctly

  • Position your edging: Place your garden edging aluminium into the trench, ensuring it’s straight and level. For curves, gently bend the edging to match the desired shape.
  • Secure the edging: Many aluminium edging products come with anchoring stakes. Use these stakes to secure the edging into the ground, ensuring it won’t shift or move
  • Backfill the trench: After securing the edging, fill the trench back with soil. Firmly pack the soil against the edging to hold it in place.

The Don’ts of Installing Garden Edging

Just as there are things you should do when installing edging for landscaping, there are also some common pitfalls to avoid.

Don’t Neglect Drainage

Always consider how your garden edging will affect the drainage in your garden. Your edging should not create a barrier that prevents water from draining away from your garden beds. Be sure to leave gaps or install drainage pipes where necessary to allow water to flow freely.

Don’t Ignore the Surrounding Landscape

While the primary role of garden edging is to create clean boundaries, it’s essential to ensure it blends seamlessly with your garden’s overall design. Your choice of garden edging aluminium should enhance your existing landscaping features, not detract from them.

Don’t Rush the Process

Although installing garden edging might seem like a simple task, it’s important not to rush the process. Take your time to properly prepare the ground, install the edging correctly, and check your work as you go. Rushing can lead to mistakes that might be hard to correct later on.


Tips in Choosing the Right Garden Edging for Your Garden

Choosing the right garden edging can significantly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your garden and improve its functionality. 

  • Consider the Purpose of Your Edging: The first step is to determine what purpose your edging will serve. Are you aiming to separate your lawn from your garden beds, contain gravel or mulch, or purely for decorative purposes? Your purpose will influence the type of edging you choose.
  • Think About the Material: Garden edging comes in various materials including aluminium, stone, metal, and plastic. For example, garden edging aluminium is durable and flexible, making it ideal for creating intricate designs. On the other hand, wood edging provides a natural, rustic look but may require more maintenance.
  • Match Your Garden Style: Your edging should complement your garden’s overall aesthetic. A modern, minimalist garden might benefit from sleek metal edging, while a cottage-style garden could be enhanced with charming wooden or stone edging.
  • Keep in Mind the Installation Process: Some types of edging are more straightforward to install than others. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you might prefer interlocking edging pieces or flexible rolls. If you’re hiring professionals, you could consider more labor-intensive options like brick or stone edging.
  • Think Long-Term: Consider the longevity of your chosen material. While some materials may be more expensive initially, they could save you money in the long run if they’re durable and require little maintenance.
  • Consider the Environment: If sustainability is important to you, consider edging options that are eco-friendly. This could be materials that are recycled, sustainably sourced, or non-toxic to plants and wildlife.
  • Budget: Finally, consider your budget. While it’s crucial to choose high-quality edging, you should find a balance between quality and affordability. Remember, the right garden edging can add structure, beauty, and definition to your garden.


Garden edging aluminium serves as a defining line that accentuates the beauty of your garden, giving it a neat and organized look. However, the charm of your edging depends largely on its proper installation. By following these do’s and don’ts, you’re well on your way to creating beautiful and effective boundaries in your garden. Always remember, the goal of edging for landscaping is not just to divide, but to visually enhance your garden, making it a place of beauty, charm, and relaxation.

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