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10 Restaurant Management System Features Growing Restaurants Need

HomeEducational10 Restaurant Management System Features Growing Restaurants Need

Managing a restaurant whether it is big or small is a challenging task. Keeping track of day-to-day such as stock management, inventory management, table management, reservations, employee management all depends on a good restaurant management system.

If you have a right management system then your restaurant’s operations become easy to manage. Restaurant management system is something worth considering not only for growing restaurants but also for all restaurants.

To minimise the hassles of restaurant operations you must consider these 10 features while selecting a restaurant management system.

1.    Inventory management

The lack of automated inventory management software can hinder your efficiencies to make informed decisions. Inventory management feature allows you to optimise and streamline your in-house restaurant operations.

With the help of inventory management feature, you can have a real-time inventory update such as units, prices, suppliers, and can take the decisions accordingly.

It becomes easy to decide whether to buy or not buy a particular item. You can even get notifications when the quantity of a particular item goes below the re-order level.

It not only makes the inventory management hassle free but you can also reduce the wastage, cut food cost, and improve profit margins. You also get an idea of how inventory cost is affecting your profitability.

2.    Table management

Table management means tracking the guests from reservation to check dropped so that your team can stay organised and give better service. Instead of walking and monitoring the status of tables you can check it in the software.

Table management software allows the restaurants to work smarter and help to increase the average table turnaround time.

Increased table turnaround time not only lead to increased profitability but also leave our customer delighted as they get seated and attended faster. With the help of table management feature, you can know exactly when a table is getting free.

3.    Menu management

Menu management allows you to make the changes in the menu to prevent the losses which might occur because of the items which are not selling.

If you have online menu you do not have to print the menu cards whenever you make the changes in the menu. Investing in digital menu make the user experience rewarding and give you the freedom to update the menu in just a few clicks.

4.    Marketing programs

To increase the sale every restaurant needs an effective marketing strategy. Restaurant management software allows you to create online and offline marketing campaigns.

With the help of restaurant management system, you can not only create the campaigns but can also automate the marketing campaigns and can track their performance.

5.    Loyalty programs

When your regular customers visit your restaurant, a little bit of recognition can make them happy and feel valued. With the help of loyalty programs, you can make your customers feel valued by offering them loyalty discounts.

With the loyalty program feature, you can make customised offers and programs for your customers. It will help you to retain your customers.

6.    Order management

Order management feature allows your staff to manage orders efficiently by transferring tickets quickly, changing tables, change items, etc. you can also let your customer know whether their order is under preparation, ready, or out to be served.

7.    Cash flow management

The cash flow management feature of restaurant management software gives you the real insights into the financial health of your restaurant.

In the software, you can enter both account payables and account receivables so it becomes easy for you to know how much money is coming in and how much is going out.

You can also connect other software such as POS and payroll so that you do not have to re-enter the data again.

8.    Easy integration

To stay organised, restaurants have to rely on various software and systems. When there is an easy integration feature in your restaurant management system, you can easily integrate all these software. Integration of different software increases your operational efficiencies and makes your work easy.

After integration you do not have to enter the data in different software, it will automatically be filled in all software. When you have integrated restaurant management systems, it keeps all your records up to date with less effort.

With integrated systems, you can accurately predict the business needs and can take actions before they occur.

9.    Offline mode

Offline mode feature keeps your restaurant running even if the internet connectivity is not there. A restaurant management system which can also function without internet can avoid downtime if there is any kind of internet issue. If you do not have the offline mode, system crash can be a huge problem for you as it will result in loss of your data.

10.    Cloud-based

The main advantage of cloud-based restaurant management software is that you can access detailed business reports available on the cloud and you can access them from anywhere, anytime. It eliminates the need for you to be present at the location of your restaurant.

Right restaurant management system not only makes your operations efficient but also save your restaurant from failing.

Whenever you take a decision to invest in software make sure your software has all these features because these features will help in making the operations smooth around your restaurant and providing your diners with a delightful dining experience.

Author: Jagdeep Malik, Co-founded  Virtual Trigger

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