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The empathetic, ‘Emotional Intelligence’ book to support your dream career

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Table of contents

Empathy means putting ourselves into other’s shoes to see their feelings as they see them. It doesn’t mean agreeing with the feelings but simply seeing them as the other does.

Emotional Intelligence


Pity is a feeling for someone.
Sympathy is feeling like someone.
Empathy is feeling with someone.

Daniel Goleman in his book on Emotional Intelligence talks about five basic emotional and social competencies:

1.Self awareness-  knowing one’s emotions
2.Self regulation-  managing emotions
3.Motivation-        motivating oneself
4.Empathy-           recognizing emotions in others
5.Social skills         handling relationships

Since feelings are mostly expressed non-verbally, we have to  use our eyes and ears to pick them up.

Add that extra element of compassion and you are fully in touch with another’s feelings.

This quality is essential to lead a dream career and a successful family life.

When we empathize with our customers, employers, employees and families, what happens to our relationships?

It generates understanding, loyalty, peace of mind and higher productivity.

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Chittilappilly Antonees
Chittilappilly Antonees
Antonees is a retired General Manager of a leading tiller manufacturing company in Kerala. He completed his B.E. in Mechanical engineering from Thrissur Government Engineering college in the year 1970. He is a dynamic personality with a well disciplined life both professionally and socially. Reading books of eminent people is his hobby.



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