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Is it Safe To Travel to Morocco As Lockdown Lifts

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I remember It was Mid of March when the situation started worsening in Morocco amid Coronavirus Pandemic. Many travelers got stuck in the country and the idea of Morocco Holidays downed with the situation. We planned to be in Agadir this Summer but I guess the situation will not be that stable soon. So we are thinking to shift our plan to October. Autumn in Morocco is pleasant and the travelers who want to travel to Morocco this October have suggested to must-visit the place because in October, the Situation of Coronavirus would come to Normal and you will be free to travel to the place of your choice.

Things to Know About Your Holidays in October After Lockdown:

This blog is to discuss the situation of Morocco right now and what would be the situation after the lockdown lifts and the situation will come to normal for the tourism in Morocco.

What we Witnessed in March in Morocco?

I was reporting to my news outlet about the Situation in Arab and African countries amid coronavirus. I was sitting in the local café of Dubai and received the links about the grounding of flights and due to which the tourists got stuck in Marrakech and Agadir. The situation got worse with time. The coronavirus positive cases count increased and the panic among travelers was found then. I was so concerned about the situation in Morocco. Do you know the tourism economy lost billions of dollars in this situation in Morocco and it is still uncertain to know that when the situation would come to normal?

When the Situation Will come to the Normal?

The vaccine for Coronavirus is yet to be discovered and there is no solution to this pandemic else sitting in the homes. Almost three months past when the coronavirus first found in China’s province Wuhan. And destroyed the world within a few days. America, Italy Spain, Germany, African countries, Arab countries Asia and what not? Not a single country in this world can be called corona-free. The situation is expected to come to the normal as the markets and industries are opening and complete lockdown would be lifted in a month maybe. The travelers would be allowed to travel but with coronavirus threat.

We have to live with Coronavirus:

It is said that the coronavirus is not gonna end soon. The Italian Prime minister stated that we have to learn to live with coronavirus. European countries are going for the complete lockdown lifting soon because the normality in life has to come earliest. You need to know that when the lockdown would be lifted, you will be allowed to travel anywhere in the world but you need to be careful about coronavirus.

How to be Careful While traveling After Coronavirus?

You have to travel on short distances for some time just after the lockdown lifting. It is because of your safety and of course your family. I choose Morocco, and it would be safe as per I know. I would be in Agadir and the resorts there are immaculate and corona-free to at least some extent. Traveling to Agadir from London is not more than three hours so it is near, and can be reached shortly. So if you are planning for Morocco in October or in December, it would be quite safe. The Government takes care of the protocols of tourism in Morocco on priority. Even in March, Agadir was quite safe. Yes, you have to be careful more than before because it is a coronavirus, not a joke.

How to Pack for Traveling After Coronavirus?

You will be packing for traveling after the coronavirus lockdown putting the medicine box with every important medicine for an emergency. You need to put the pack of hand gloves. If you think you will be needed more, you should pack more because you should not take any risk over your health. You need to pack the sensitizer and the gloves with you which can save you from the viruses and bacteria. Also, pack some soaps and shampoo for the safety purpose. Don’t use local products. Also, be careful about the hotel and resort cleanliness.

Where to go in Morocco after Lockdown lifts?

You can visit Morocco’s major destinations but you need to see that the area could not be that badly affected by a coronavirus. Visit Marrakech the most traditional city of Morocco. You can enjoy your holiday break in Marrakech because it is safe and you can have many things to do. In Agadir, you will have beach activities, mainland strolls, and many other activities. Don’t forget to visit Chefchouaen, the blue city of Morocco. Keep yourself safe and don’t worry – You will be safe from coronavirus – You will be able to travel anywhere you want in the world.

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