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How to build a lead generating landing page with WordPress

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What is a lead-generation landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page designed for only one purpose- turning site visitors to take a particular action. You bring beyond measure targeted user from paid advertising or social media to your landing page.

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Let’s flawed with the same……
On the landing page, with a high value and low risk you give the user something, for example, a free e-book, so he is ready to give you his contact information in return. After that, you can contact him to sell the product.

A Good Landing Page Should Have:

Highly targeted copy
High value in the form of an e-book
Single clear call to action
Social proof

A Good Landing Page Should not Have:

Main navigation
Footer navigation
Other outgoing links
More than one call to action

Three Steps to Build a Lead-Generation Landing Page with WordPress

Mounting a professional-looking website would cost business quite a lot. We simply did not have access to the tools or technology we now have today. But now anyone can set up their own websites using WordPress. In the WordPress websites are easy to design.

However, to make your online marketing widely successful, you have to need an extensive email list of highly-targeted leads. Especially if you want to shock your viewer impact and conversions.

Lead -generation through landing page

One way you can proceed your email list with your site is by release well-designed landing pages. A landing page should be made with a clear and definite reason. Word of copy and every design element should be focused on getting people to take a specific, desired action. In this case, that desired action would be for them to give you their email address via an opt-in form.

First Step:- Research

If you think your landing pages need spicing up, or if you don’t even know how to start setting up your own, your first mission is to do some research.

For that, you have to need to answer two questions:

Which special viewer is my lead catch landing page for?
What am I proposal to them that will convince them sufficient to give me their details?

From the studies you take away from reading them, they can verify priceless to create and fix pages of their own generation.

Example of great starting questions:

How they have designed their lead-capture landing page?
Where they have established the signup form?
What were the channels that they used to link to this lead-capture landing page? I.e. from the content CTA sidebar, homepage etc.

Second Step:- Know your tools

In the most popular CMS, WordPress has added a huge community of plugin and theme developers. Shortly, this means whatever you want to create you have a number of options for that and when it comes to lead generation, things are no different.

Top-rated plugins show in the below image.

But because we are focusing on making the best lead generation results possible, let’s live with those who already have a solid reputation.

Beaver Builder  

Note that these tools are not your run-of-the-mill WordPress plugins. They come with Nifty Landing Page Builders, which can also be doubled as lead capture page so that you can expand your email list like crazy.


MailChimp is a popular email marketing campaign tool that has been packed with features to help modern marketers. They are especially popular for making email campaigns while providing top data analysis to help you refine your strategy.

Some Noticeable features

Easy landing page creation
Completely mobile-optimize pages
Advanced reporting features
Convenient multi-user collaboration


OptimizePress offers their latest SmartTheme tool as both WordPress themes and plugins.

This means that while using it as a theme, you have access to all your great design features, or you have used another theme with a standalone plugin – it’s all up to you.

Overview of features

Mobile responsive page
Fully customizable design elements
Compatible with 19 email service providers
Provides 100+ different Google Fonts
Customizable blog post or page layout options

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder’s interface makes it a suitable plugin and WordPress theme that lets you create landing pages for lead generation purposes.

If you want to save time and prepare the landing page as soon as possible, there are 30 premedial layouts to choose from.

If you have a drop shipping business or you are starting, for example, you would appreciate the fact that Beaver Builder lets you customize landing pages that are ideal for e-commerce. This is actually a one-stop-shop for digital marketers who are not afraid to invest for the convenience.

Useful features

Drag-and-drop editing
Can fully integrate with popular email providers.

Third Step:- Transform Your Landing Page to a Lead Capture Page

In order to fully customize the landing page to attract the leads, there are two essential features you need to maximize its effectiveness.

Heading and Subheading:- Think of it as your best opportunity to catch the attention of the audience. Ideally, it should express your brand’s unique selling point so that they can jump on the opportunity to give you their details.

Compelling call-to-action:- A good CTA has three properties: clear, clickable and visible. First of all, we mean it should clearly say what you want people to do. And, of course, CTA should be formulated in a manner that assures people to take action. Finally, always make sure you do not pay attention to CTA, which is usually just ahead of your opt-in form.


WordPress Landing Pages is open source software.  So, readers, I hope you have enjoyed knowing about how to build a lead-generating landing page with WordPress.If you have any query or question about this guide so you can tell us in a comment.

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