3 Factors to Consider Before AI Adoption

Artificial intelligence is making the lives of humans easier because of it’s smart features. It is giving rise to automation and decreasing the load of manual work. Humans are dependent on machines. They are investing in AI to make the machines think as humans do. The road to AI is not easy to take. Its adoption includes several factors which need to be considered.

Before we move on to the consideration of the 3 factors mentioned in the infographic, let’s discuss the Application of AI in various fields.

Natural Language Processing

Every organization is now embracing the natural language processing system. From chatbots to language translation and voice-activated platforms, NLP is a compelling tool and plays an essential role in technology.

Expert Systems

The Expert System in AI has a level of human intelligence and expertise. It has made solving of complex problems easier. It is highly responsible and reliable.

Vision Systems

It is easy to perceive, understand, and grasp visual input on the computer with the help of visual systems in AI.


Board games to interactive fiction games, all of these provide decision-making environments for AI. These games let AI show their creativity. The gaming industry is largely revolutionizing the way AI works. Games like chess, tic tac toe, etc are a few examples of the implementation of AI. AI holds the power to make the games interesting because it is less predictive and spontaneous in nature.

Speech Recognition

The process of eliciting text transcriptions from speech input is called speech recognition. It converts human speech into digital forms for storage. Systems in AI are made to understand the language of humans. Be it slangs, background noise, etc, every language can be understood by this software.

Intelligent Robots

Revolution of Artificial intelligence is gearing up to make robots as our future. They are created by human intelligence and can handle all the tasks smartly in no time.

Artificial intelligence

After gaining insight into the application of AI, it is high time to consider the factors shown in the infographics.

Benefits of AI adoption

AI helps in the development and distribution of the products. The AI-driven technology can attract, sell and serve to the customers smartly.

It makes Operation and decision making possible. A business can only thrive when smart decisions will be made quickly.

AI boosts productivity. The quality of the products will be generated at a quick pace.

Challenges of AI adoption

Another factor to address is the challenges faced while AI adoption. They may face difficulties such as- implementation challenges, integration of AI in the company’s roles and functions, data issue, cost of AI technologies, lack of skills, challenges in measuring and proving business value. All of these challenges can obstruct the working of the business. The roadblock to this evolving technology are many and can be mastered with the correct skills.

Skills needed for AI integration

After a healthy understanding of the technical challenges, it’s time to know the skills needed for AI implementation. AI Researches, Software Developers, Data Scientists, User Experience Designer, Change Management/Transformation Experts, Project Managers, Business Leaders to Interpret AI Results, and Subject-Matter Experts.

Time to get Certified

AI has a lot more in store to surprise us with. Let’s wait for the world taken over by AI. With companies using technology driven by AI, the demand for AI professionals has increased. A company wants to train machine through humans applying their brains. As a result, the demand for Artificial intelligence certifications is at its peak. Give your career a kick with this certification as it provides you credibility with the certificate kit and digital badge. It will surely make you stand out of the crowd.

 Interesting Fact

According to the sources, 37% of organizations surveyed by Deloitte across the globe have invested US$5 Million or more in cognitive technologies so far.

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