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Is Cannabis A Good Option for Treating Asthma?

HomeWellnessIs Cannabis A Good Option for Treating Asthma?

Asthma is a common disease affecting millions of people. This condition causes the airways to swell and narrow hence making them produce mucus. This mucus makes it hard to breathe properly, which causes a lot of wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath, which can even make it difficult to sleep.

The severity of this disease varies since some attacks can even be life-threatening and hence affecting the ability to perform daily tasks. Treating asthma can be hard. However, there are some medications that you can use to reduce the symptoms. Cannabis is one of the treatment options available. Many people now prefer using it over other options since it’s effective and leaves the user without any side effects.

However, there has not been enough research to back the usefulness of cannabis in treating some conditions. In this article, we try to answer a question that bothers many users, whether using cannabis can help in managing asthma symptoms.

So, keep reading to find out.

Forms of Marijuana That You Can Use



There are many ways that you can use cannabis. Smoking is the most common method around the globe, but people are creative these days and have come up with other modern and safer ways.

Some people smoke marijuana using things like bongs, which is a great and safe way. Using bongs allows you to minimize the amount of smoke you inhale hence reducing the chances of worsening asthma. However, experts are yet to research more to determine whether bongs and other similar devices are a safe way to consume cannabis.

Another trendy method that you can try is vaping. Vaping involves heating your marijuana in a unique tool called a vaporizer. The heating produces some vapor, which is what you inhale to get the effects of marijuana. Vaping is also effective and more reliable since you can carry a vaporizer even in the pocket and use it whenever you want to dilate the lungs. Most people consider vaping as a safer method to use marijuana, which explains why users are shifting from smoking to vaping.

You can also consume high-quality marijuana orally. One way that you can do that is by buying capsules that contain marijuana. Another way is adding cannabis to your food. However, you must research on the best foods to combine with the cannabis products since they go well with some food.

Edibles are a great way of consuming marijuana, especially if you do not like smoking. The good thing about edibles is that you can make your own at home. Making edibles is easy and allows you to pick your favorite ingredients to use in the process. The only drawback with edibles is that they take very long before they cause some significant effects. However, using them more often can give you effects enough to help prevent an asthma attack, thus still making it a great option.

After you figure out which method you like the most, make sure that you get high-quality marijuana Canada has to offer. You don’t want to compromise the effectiveness of cannabis products you take buying low-quality products from unrecognized sellers.

The History of Marijuana and Asthma

Ancient Egyptians are very well known for treating many diseases, traditionally using cannabis. Around 1200 BC, they were using cannabis to treat asthma and other severe illnesses. The use of marijuana by Egyptians is one of the major indicators that gives researchers reasons to find out the exact ways that this drug treats asthma symptoms.

Also, when marijuana use was still legal in almost every country, many doctors prescribed it as cough relieving medications. Mostly, doctors would add some marijuana tinctures in cough medicines. They said that doing so allowed patients to reduce their asthma symptoms more effectively compared to other medications like morphine and did not cause side effects such as constipation and depression.

Nowadays, marijuana is increasingly becoming popular in many states, which makes it easy for asthmatic patients to take advantage of its health benefits. Although the lack of enough research is the only limiting factor, the research underway could help in shedding more light on the subjects. But currently, the available studies suggest that cannabis plays a crucial role in managing asthma.

What Research Says About Using Marijuana to Treat Asthma

A recent study researching the effects of using cannabis to treat asthma shows that it can help reduce some symptoms in about 30 minutes to an hour. This study also indicates that the patients who used marijuana with a significant THC (cannabis component that makes you high) percentage, reduced their spasms in an incredibly short time. It further indicates that you can use marijuana to reduce hyperinflammation. Doing that can help you to breathe easily hence making your asthma more bearable.

Another study shows that using marijuana helps in improving lung function. Doing so enables you to minimize some asthma symptoms such as breathing difficulties and coughing. This study concludes by indicating that smoking marijuana is a safer and more effective method of treating asthma.

Other studies experimenting on the efficacy of THC and other cannabinoids in treating asthma show that using cannabis rich in THC activates the CB1 receptors, which helps to dilate your lungs and reduce spasms. That way, air can get in your lungs easily hence helping to alleviate some symptoms like whistling when exhaling, which is mostly caused by a stuffed respiratory system.

One major thing that you can note from all these studies is that THC is of major significance in helping treat asthma symptoms. However, using cannabis that contains a lot of THC can make you high. Using it in moderation, on the other hand, will help you to reduce some symptoms and making it easier to handle the condition.


Asthma is a dangerous condition that can lead to death. Although there is no clear treatment of this condition yet, some researchers argue that cannabis can help. However, using marijuana to treat asthma is a topic that has raised a lot of debate and questions all over the globe.

If you have asthma, then it’s easy to find yourself wondering whether it could help you in treating the condition or probably think it might make things worse. Well, as shown in this article, marijuana has properties that enable it to treat asthma. What’s more, is that you don’t have to smoke it, other forms are available for taking marijuana products for treating asthma.

You only want to ensure that you buy weed online from reputable and professional sellers. Doing that will help you to get high-quality cannabis that will provide just the benefits you need and avoid any side effects.

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