Content Curation is one such art which can lead to disruptive innovation beyond corporate intelligence. The creative content work behind the activity when aided by new-age technologies, yields effective and productive outcomes from an enterprise. Trendr is one such company that curates contents for brands & individuals.

Trendr’s goal is to facilitate user interaction based on its advanced dynamic filtering tools and simple, yet effective social media features. With the help of its “AI Automatic Category Creation” and “Natural Search” algorithms, derived on machine learning, Trendr makes the experience of posting and finding contents much more intuitive for its users. Learning from the fundamental mistakes of other social platforms – the company aims to bring a perfect balance in entertainment and relevancy of media to its users.

In short, Trendr is intending to be the next generation of social media that focuses on customized information for the user. The company learns from people’s behaviors effectively without invading their privacy. For its platform to be truly effective, Trendr tries to feed highly-relevant user information derived from its AI category creation. The goal of this is to provide the best user experience for its members and save searching and posting time on the platform. The outcome is that the company respects its users time and sees it as a big benefit.

 AI-Powered Lifework

Trendr’s mission is to simplify user interaction/discovery for finding and trending contents. Joseph Saidian, the Founder and CEO of the company started coding Trendr a few years ago as a hobby. At the same time, he became more aware of the generic nature of other social media environments, their lazy interface and mainly the lack of innovation. Social media to him has become more or less stagnant. There seems to be a missing link between the interface and the user experience. That is why Trendr is focused with simplicity for its users in mind. Creating a social platform that frees the user from information overload and gives them what they want.

The road to creating such a platform was not easy because he had to self-learn the coding skills required to build this medium. He can now say that after all these years he is proud to present his work to the public. It is incredible seeing just how dedication and passion drives an idea into a reality.

Meritorious Leadership

Joseph Saidian being the Founder and CEO of Trendr, has been involved with the project throughout, including building the framework. He is responsible for creating and maintaining Trendr’s main codes and functionalities. Most of what has been created has been influenced by the work he has done. Many hours had been dedicated to developing and maintaining the security and functionality of the project. In short, without its founder, there will be no Trendr.

Market Presence of Trendr

Trendr is the first social media company in the world to have built a platform focused on machine learning & Artificial Intelligence from inception.

It is a key feature that distinguishes this platform from similar competitors. Its “AI Automatic Category” for user posts is extremely simple, yet effective. It takes away the burden for the user to input hashtags and keywords for every post they make. Imagine how many hours a content creator saves if the platform can choose a suitable category for their posts. Trendr can appropriately categorize every content regardless of the complexity of the description or lack thereof.  Trendr even classifies photos that have no description and organize based on image analysis alone. The platform also uses “Natural Search”, making search more fluid and intuitive for its users.

All these features based on machine learning will bring a cohesive user experience. The goal of this is to provide the best engagement for the company’s members and makes social more enjoyable.

Setting the Trend

Joseph truly believes Artificial Intelligence will be the key factor that drives the future in any industry. From Big Data Analytics to Cloud Computing to Robotics and Self-driving Cars, all these fields in the future will be dependent on the innovation of machine learning.

Collaborative Approach to Innovation

The company believes in simplicity and ease of use to drive innovation. Every feature that is created on Trendr is meant to be used intuitively without friction for the user. Building such tools enhances user’s interaction on the company’s network. Trendr is starting to work on partnerships this year with key players in Artificial Intelligence.

Networking with Future

As a startup company with a limited budget, there are many challenges the founders will meet. Trendr has met many challenges regarding efficient coding and scalability for high volume transactions. For example, Trendr had to keep all advanced features enabled with as little footprint to its database as possible. This in itself was a high task, since complexity and performance are inversely interrelated. As a matter of fact, Trendr has made its coding so efficient that instead of using two servers to handle the database tasks, the company can only use one. Trendr also has met challenges regarding the accuracy and predictability of its machine learning algorithm, since no data was present in the beginning. The company has conquered all these challenges with great dedication and passion.

Joseph’s vision is to be a key player in the social media network that emphasizes simplicity and productivity for its users. There are many avenues the company could take in the future and Artificial Intelligence will certainly be a major factor.