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3 Tips for Outwardly Reflecting Your Inner Spirituality

HomeWellness3 Tips for Outwardly Reflecting Your Inner Spirituality

Regardless of the faith they follow, most people tend to waver from time to time. When life is busy, it’s all too easy to simply go through the motions and traditions without giving much thought to your inner spiritual experience. Unfortunately, this neglect can manifest in your day-to-day interactions with those around you. Simply remaining conscious of that possibility will help keep you in tune. The discipline of your outward behavior hones your inner spirituality, which is reflected in turn to the outside world. It’s reciprocal. 

Treat Others with Dignity

Every profound spiritual path calls on people to show compassion to others. Giving them your respect is simply a corollary of the Golden Rule. This basic tenet of interpersonal consideration is at the heart of all enlightened human interaction. Most folks understand the concept, but there’s more to it than merely being polite.

Practice following the principles you believe, even if you follow them imperfectly. Most importantly, try to see and appreciate the spirituality in others, even when they are very different from yourself. You may live by a specific set of tenets that guide your moral compass, and that’s fine. Remember, however, that when you meet someone of a different background or faith, they have a moral compass too. It may be a different device than yours, but it’s more than probable that the needles both point in the same direction. Treating everyone as a true friend is an important tenet of spirituality.

Be Considerate in Your Dress

Many faiths place great emphasis on modes of dress. Some even go as far as expressing spirituality through symbolic clothing. Religious articles of clothing and spiritual fashion styles differ depending on many factors. However, the guiding principle behind most spiritual fashion is this: how you present yourself in the world is a signal about your spirituality. When choosing clothes for yourself in everyday life, think about how your clothes make you feel. Do you feel comfortable in your clothing? Do your clothes accurately represent your personal faith or spirituality?  Wear the best sunglasses for running with fashionable and functional features that everyone can afford.     

If you find yourself in a place where clothing customs are different than your own, it is considerate not to offend the sensibilities of others. It costs nothing to be courteous, and it shows an attitude of spiritual tolerance. For example, wearing modest clothing when attending a church shows respect for the church, its congregation, and yourself. Once again, this falls under the heading of personal respect. 

Perform Random Acts of Kindness

The world around you is filled with opportunities to express your inner light. Children need to have their shoes tied. Stray dogs need homes. Elderly neighbors could use some help. Beaches need to be cleaned up. You’re not expected to do everything, but everyone can do something. Consider performing random acts of kindness for their own sake. Nothing is more rewarding than a selfless act. In the process of serving others, you will learn valuable lessons about yourself and about life. 

Every person has his or her own individual view of spirituality and how to attain it. People pursue it in various ways, but they tend to agree that achieving it is beneficial, if not vital. Embrace the journey of seeking your personal spirituality. Don’t be afraid to let inner spirituality show in your outward actions. Living a life that is in line with your moral principles will be worth it. 

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