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10 Brands with the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

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The Importance of Unique Social Media Campaigns and Marketing

The power of social media is common knowledge. Brands that understand this know how important it is to leverage the power of social media campaigns. However, there’s no reason why you should stick with run-of-the-mill campaigns by posting boring posts and same-old images. In 2021, it’s time to think outside of the box.

In this post by SPOPLI Web Development & Services, we look at 10 of the most unique digital marketing campaigns and how an unusual take at digital marketing can help you reap massive success.

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10 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns Of 2021 That Will Make You Go Wow


Zappos is an online shoe brand that offers a money-back guarantee all year round. They also offer free shipping even if the customer wants to exchange/return the product ordered off of the website. This is the reason Zappos doesn’t have to rely entirely on online promotion. The customer service and brand policies are so attractive that shoppers do free marketing by singing brand praises to one another. That’s why most of its online marketing is organic and sometimes viral.

Of course, the company still invests in online marketing. But, their primary focus on giving what the customer wants. As a lesson, you must also listen to your audience and plan your digital marketing strategy accordingly.


It’s difficult to make a name for yourself in any popular niche such as crowded personal finance. But, Mint proved that with the right kind of strategy, it is possible to stand out and cut through the noise. Initially, the company was relatively unknown, but it deployed a well-thought-out digital strategy. Mint published hundreds of informative and viral content like blog posts and infographics. As a result, the company gained a massive following before it was sold for 170 million dollars to Intuit.

The Wirecutter     

Although it can be difficult to use affiliate marketing in a big way, when handled properly, it can generate massive results. The Wirecutter has proved that. In 2015 the company generated 150 million dollars in e-commerce and was recently acquired by New York Times recently.

The company essentially writes reviews for products they genuinely love and believe in. The reviews embed links to websites like Amazon. For each sale, the site gets a cut. The reviews are in-depth and can take up to 200 hours to complete. It involves experts and anyone who may be interested in reviewing the product. 


JetBlue is a company that has proved that just singing your brand’s praises on social media is not enough. It’s a huge mistake to focus on self-promotional content only. The company is a popular discount airline and has used Twitter quite intelligently. 

The company did not use this platform for posting about special offers or fare discounts. Instead, JetBlue used its Twitter handle to offer quick and easy customer service. As a matter of fact, almost all the messages in its Twitter feed contain @ replies which is a rather unusual observation for a company that’s part of the social media marketing bandwagon.


Review websites were not a thing that was unheard of back in 2004. But, Yelp’s take at combining online reviews and social networking was a major ‘Eureka’ moment. Although online reviews were still prevalent back then, the company handled it a bit differently by adding the social element. Today, the company enjoys 2.8 million claims, 121 million reviews, and 160 million monthly visitors.

The social element at the time used the ‘people trusting people’ element. It was the same factor that fueled the success of similar brands like the Wirecutter, years later. Yelp allows real people to leave real reviews with photos and names. What’s even better is that users can even review the reviews left by other users; thus adding a sense of credibility and trustworthiness.


UNIQLO is a one-of-a-kind Japanese clothing company that focuses on making everyone’s life better by urging the world to dress casually. However, the company was clear that it wanted to establish itself as a technology-driven company and not merely an apparel brand. How did they do it? Via digital marketing! The company created a ‘fast-moving’ image campaign containing a promotional code and shared it across countless online locations. The images were so fast-moving that the code was practically indecipherable to the naked eye.

The company asked shoppers to upload the 5-digit code on the website before redeeming a sample from HEATTECH clothing. After uploading the code, viewers were redirected to a bunch of informational screens that explained the company’s technology that went into the creation of products before leading them to the winning page.

The whole thing was so unique that many people uncovered their unique codes via Facebook and YouTube videos. 25K people signed up to receive the company newsletter, the videos got 1.3 million views, and the campaign was seen by over 4 million people.


The Lego Movie was the first successful advertising by the company. In September 2019, they launched the first-ever global campaign with Rebuild the World. The goal was to emphasize that the company is about more than just toys.

Lego is always referencing big issues like climate change and transgender issues through its campaigns so as to inspire future generations to take a good look at social issues.

The video amassed 5 million+ reviews and was a huge success.

Over 89% of customers like to shop with brands that are big on values and most Americans feel a deep connection with brands that openly share their values and encourage positive social changes. Parents also find it more attractive to shop from brands that are big on values so as to positively influence their children and instill good values in them.

Google Photos

It’s not unheard of for tech companies to launch emotional ad campaigns now and then. Google is also one such tech company. But, their “Loretta” campaign was particularly emotional that brought tears to the eyes. The campaign was launched during Super Bowl, 2020. The campaign was covered by, USA Today, CNN, and many others.

The campaign featured a man reliving his past memories with his late wife as he uses Google Photos. To add a more authentic touch, the company used the real voice of one of Google employee’s grandfather. The video today has over 62 million views.

American Express (AMEX)

Many companies talk big about creating an online community and adding value by starting conversations. However, only a few are able to live up to that promise. American Express is one such company that gave immense value to the community. It did so in the form of creating an online Open Forum.

It’s essentially a collaborative website where the company invites guest authors from different sectors to share their wisdom and knowledge. As a result, the forum is now a rich and highly popular website that has been created solely by the contributions made by willing contributors.

Mobile Monkey

MobileMonkey is a Facebook business chatbot that used its own chatbot service to reduce acquisition cost and improve outreach. Before the campaign, the company was paying about $250 per lead. The problem is that if the click doesn’t convert, the company is likely to lose that lead forever.

Without remarketing, you can waste a lot of finances quickly. To overcome this problem, the company used optimization of messages wherein they collected user information in the system. This allowed them to run remarketing campaigns.

The company used Messenger drip campaigns for this purpose. With this method, the company was able to reduce the cost of lead by 97% which also made room for wider audience outreach.

Bottom Line

Most of the brands we mentioned are well-known. We also know that these campaigns were not their first dig at digital marketing. Therefore, don’t be disheartened if your initial efforts are not a great success. Start somewhere and you can always draw inspiration from similar success stories.

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Sunny Popli
Sunny Popli is the owner of SPOPLI Web Development & Services. He loves to learn and grow. His key interest areas are to learn and implement the latest & impactful ideas in the field of digital marketing.


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