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6 reasons why a strong brand is important for your small business

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Apple. What is the first thing that comes to your mind other than a red fruit?

A logo of a half-eaten apple maybe?

If you agree with the sentence, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. Another question that you might be pondering over is – Why?

The answer to this is simple. Branding!

Yes, branding with an exclamation point.  That’s how important it is to every single business out there. From a computer designing firm of the 80’s to a technological pioneer of the 21st century, Steve Job’s vision has come a long way. Today, it is viewed as one of the most valued if not successful ‘brands’ in the world.

If so, think again. I have shortlisted a few pointers easy enough for a branding rookie to follow through. So, don’t underestimate yourself just yet, grab a pen and read on.


By this we mean, logo. Logos are what people call as the ‘face’ of the brand. Hence, it plays an important role in how people view your firm, its values and ideals as well. Though it holds a lot of significance in your branding strategy, you don’t have to go all out and make it look sophisticated. A logo must be simple to perceive and impactful enough to put your brand “on the map”.

It has been these factors that have determined a logo’s tendency to be easily recognized as well.


One of the most significant aspects of branding is to emphasize on trust. Why would anyone want to buy a product from a company that doesn’t seem legitimate? Your content on social media, website and anywhere you brand might be displayed, needs to give off a trustworthy vibe. To do this you would have to display your brand out of the firm’s campus to help people associate it with the business that you do. Additionally, it recommended that using right words in the content can convince audiences of the same.


Branding can also be viewed as a pillar for effective advertising or vice versa. The method of advertising the audience that you target etc. shapes your branding framework. The logo and content that you use for branding can help give your advertising a boost. This acts as a way to familiarize your brand to your target audience.


Sources have indicated that a company’s financial value be it on the stock market or anywhere else is a reflection of their branding strategy. People’s perception of a firm being of higher value (that would be propelled by through its brand) will most certainly alter its financial stance in the extensive market of today.


Put yourself in the shoes of an employee and imagine working for a branded company. Would you not have a sense of pride and boast about being part of the team?  It works the same way everywhere else. The impact of branding on a company’s employees gives them a sense of purpose to work towards. This also means that they are likely to align themselves to the same values that you, as a business owner might have set for the company.

Potential Customers

Though this is the most obvious, it is still worth mentioning. A strong brand encourages brand loyalty which means that your pre-existing clients might bring in new ones through word of mouth.  This with the addition of ensuring that a firm maintains itself to be a market leader in the specific product/ service, will propel its success.

It doesn’t matter if you take a page out of Apple’s or Tesla’s book, what matter is if you do it right. Though certain brands have manipulated this strategy for selfish needs some have strived to reflect values for the greater good of its customers. If you are looking to set up a brand ensure that you reflect the latter.

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