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How can you make your dinner night in Europe special for your partner?

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Whether you’re on a honeymoon in Europe, or merely vacationing here with your partner, surprising your partner with special treats adds to the fun. This way you’d make your partner fall in love with you all over again!

Here are fantastic ways to make your dinner night in Europe special for your partner:

Dine after a relaxing thermal bath-

After a full day’s sightseeing in Furnas, a scenic village in Portugal, you’d surely want to unwind together over a bottle of Dalmore. How about some extra de-stressing by spending the evening at the Poça da Dona Beija thermal baths here and feasting on a Portuguese delicacy stewed underground?

At night, bathe together in the geothermal pools, under a star-studded sky, and enjoy the romantic adventure!  What’s more, a traditional feast unique to the village of Furnas, awaits both of you after the relaxing bath.

The locals cook Cozido das Furnas, a meat (beef, pork, chicken and blood sausage) and vegetables (cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and kale) stew in the steaming holes here. They boil the stew underground with steam coming out of the hot springs. Relish the old-fashioned, delicious and healthy recipe with your partner and make your visit here truly memorable.


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Take your romance back to medieval times-

Forget the modern world for the night and go back to the Middle Ages. The whole idea is about intriguing your partner with archaic romance with a 3-hour, five-course medieval dinner in Prague. Enter a candle-lit inn with that special someone and feel the rough but romantic aura of the Middle Ages throughout the place.

Begin the evening here with wine or beer, and then indulge in the five lavish courses of medieval cuisine, including vegetarian, fish, poultry and pork menus.

Lose yourselves in the medieval spirit and history, watching belly dancers, jugglers and swordsmen perform,  while you relish the dinner together. What more could your partner desire than sitting beside you, and enjoying the fun and food of a bygone era!


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Dine right inside the Eiffel Tower-

Discover Paris, the City of Love with your partner after sundown, as the city dazzles with its top monuments and the Seine lighting up the night. How about taking in the city’s panoramic views while enjoying a quality 3-course dinner with wine right inside the Eiffel Tower, one of the seven wonders of the world?

Wear your classiest outfits for the romantic dinner and step into the famous 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, one of the prime attractions on the first floor of the tower. Indulge your partner in an unforgettable dinner, while marveling at beautifully architectural buildings like Les Invalides, Montparnasse Tower, and scenic hills like Montmartre.

Make your dinner night even more special by taking a sightseeing cruise on the Seine. After your meal, get on a glass-topped boat, and, as you sail, admire amazing sights such as the Louvre Museum and the gothic Notre Dame cathedral.

Eat dinner up in the sky-

Thrill your partner in the city of Athens while having dinner together inside a revolving restaurant hanging in the sky! Tie your safety harness, and sit at a revolving table, 50 meters high in the air. Enjoy the feast of modern as well as ancient Greek cuisine with unlimited drinks.

Join your partner in admiring the impressive aerial views of Athens, including the lit up, ancient Acropolis, as your dinner table gradually rotates. Your partner is sure to have an unusual experience here, what with a satiated appetite and spectacular photos of your twosome with the city’s aerial views as a backdrop.

Savour a sunset dinner at Santorini-

Take your partner aboard a cruise at Santorini, a world-famous Greek island. Enjoy the lavish onboard buffet dinner that includes wine as you both watch the sunset over the rocky coastline. Together, feel the scenic experience of hot springs and pristine beaches, as you sail around the shores of Santorini.

Enjoy the freshly cooked Greek traditional food such as chicken rolls, Greek salad, baked potatoes, and tzatziki sauce. What better treat for your partner than a scrumptious dinner in the middle of the endless blue waters, and the magical view of picturesque villages on top!

dine Italy

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Dine inside a boutique wine estate of Tuscany, Italy-

The idea of visiting a boutique winery together itself sounds romantic. Top it up with a typical Tuscan dinner right in the middle of the vineyards! An unforgettable dinner night for your partner, indeed!

Enjoy the pleasurable deed of wine-tasting here, sampling a few of Tuscany’s favorite wines. Add more charm to your wine tour by visiting a couple of medieval Italian villages before you dine on the Tuscan meal together.

Relax in the surroundings of captivating vineyard-covered hills, and feast on the Mediterranean food which includes soups, meat preparations and steaks, and mouth-watering desserts. All this with another wine-tasting round!


Love makes you happy, and seeing your sweetheart happy is happiness indeed! So, try out any of these awesome ways to gift your partner an unforgettable dinner night in Europe.

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