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Exercise and Menopause: A Time for Positive Changes

HomeWellnessExercise and Menopause: A Time for Positive Changes

Getting older is a factor that many wish to ignore. However, as we approach midlife, our bodies begin to take in changes. That’s when you release that your waist no longer exists, and your shape is no longer eight but approaching one.

You have just come across the significant changes in your body, and menopause aggravates the condition making it even worse. Knowing what to do at the right time is essential to a better experience during your menopause. It is where exercise comes in to help you out. However, it is crucial to start early and have your body accustomed to regular workout routines. That way, you only have to tweak what you already know, and the body agrees to fit the situation and develop a positive attitude with positive change.

What menopause does?

As menopause kicks in, your body’s estrogen levels go down. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for different reproductive hormones in the body. It also enables you as a woman to keep in shape. Lower levels may result in weight gain, heart conditions and to make matters much worse, osteoporosis. Even though it is difficult to realize you have a heart condition or osteoporosis at initial stages, it is essential to ensure preventive measures for the future. Therefore, here are the positive exercise measures that you should start putting into practice as early as now.

Try out cardio exercises



Preventing possible cardiovascular health risks and enhancing bone strength eliminates osteoporosis, which results from menopause. Cardio or aerobic exercises increase your heartbeat and metabolism and expand your lung capacity. Not only does this limit diverse medical conditions, but it also improves on your weight levels, preventing weight gain.

You should ease into any exercise, mainly if you have not been exercising. Start with walks, stretches, and simple strides on the treadmill. These prepare your body for the intensive cardio exercise that follows.

As time passes, you can add variety to your cardio exercise. These include:

  • An interval training cardio session that involves moderate exercise at a slow or average pace. Circuit training cardio session in which exercise routines alternate between different muscle enhancing techniques.
  • Speed play session which includes exercises from the interval training session and continuous workout routines at a higher rate in comparison with the previous ones

Combine CBD oil and Yoga for relaxation



Relaxing is a significant issue with menopause. With excessive and frequent hot flashes, it is most likely to get you agitated and irritable. Besides, the hormonal imbalance may lead to anxiety and depression, which are hard to counteract.

CBD is an antidepressant and calms down the body. Regardless of it being morning or evening, or you want an afternoon off; you only need to take the right amount of CBD oil. Besides, it aids in improving your sleepless nights by inducing sleep. The CBD capsules Canada offers the same benefits. You can conveniently order them online and have them delivered to your preferred location.

Yoga, on the other hand, lifts tension in your muscles, relieves the pressure in your mind, and evens out your breathing. It also aids in improving your sexual functionalities that often dissipate during menopause as well as improve your sleeping patterns.

Strength training

Reaching 30 years of age marks the beginning of muscle loss due to maturity at approximately 1%. Menopause increases bone density and muscle loss, which increases the risks of osteoporosis. Strength training involves the use of different types of weights as a way of increasing resistance, which builds stronger and healthier bones.



Strength training also aids in improving metabolism, burns fat, and prevents the menopausal weight from accumulating. Besides, you can consider trying out squats if uncomfortable with weights or resistance exercises, do the different types of dips, and lunges with several repetitions in sets of 3 with approximately 12 repetitions.

Frequency of training sessions

There are many instructions out there concerning how long you should workout. The CDC indicates that women below the age of 65 should consider doing:

  • Aerobic exercises for approximately 150 minutes ranging from moderate activities to intensive.
  • Strength training at least twice a week or in between the aerobic sessions.
  • Balance and other stability exercises such as staying upright and retaining that stance for at least five minutes each day.
  • Body stretches for one to three minutes, twice a day.
  • Add Yoga and meditation to your workout routine as you desire.


Doing different exercises is essential to your body’s health regardless of whether or not you are undergoing menopause. Doing different workout routines aids your body in various ways. Therefore, it is vital to come up with a menopause workout routine or plan to aid you out in that period. To improve your workouts, you can use cannabis before starting your exercise. This will help you to exercise for longer without getting tired. Besides using CBD for relaxation you can try potent indica dominant strains like death bubba to slip into a deep slumber after a long and tiring day.

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