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Top 3 Common Security Shutters Problems With Their Quick Solutions

HomeInfo graphicsTop 3 Common Security Shutters Problems With Their Quick Solutions

When it comes to adding the best possible security to your house, security shutters come first in mind. Yes, they don’t look fancy and sophisticated, but they add ultimate protection to your home. Shutter doors are highly efficient, durable, versatile, easy to use, and comes in numerous styles.

Roller shutters come with numerous advantages; their functioning and mechanical built is prone to wear, and you may have to look for repair sometimes.  Professional assistance is required for resolving various issues. Plus, repairs of the roller shutters will make deep holes in your pockets.

Today, we’re mentioning the security shutters’ common problems and quick solutions for fixing them

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#1 Roller Shutters Are Getting Stuck Or Aren’t Working

Roller shutters are used daily, and they combat gusty winds, harsh sun rays, and unusual climatic conditions. Due to poor maintenance, your roller shutters might stop opening or closing. This problem starts occurring after 5-10 years, or you invest in cheap materials for cost-cutting. The common reason for this problem might be you’re ignoring the simple lubrication.

If you feel you need to exert more pressure for closing and open your shutters, there is a minor problem lying in the functioning that might turn into something major. If power cut is the primary issue in your locality, your security shutters might face problems while getting locked or not. In such cases, you need to check the power source of the roller shutters.

In our opinion, when you feel your roller shutters are getting stuck, please switch off the entire system and turn it on again. If this thing doesn’t work, use the mechanical sprays for decluttering the entire shutters. If none of the solutions is working for you, it’s time to knock on the doors of professionals to resolve this issue.

#2 Roller Shutters Closes And Open Half Way

This problem majorly occurs at commercial establishments like garages and shops. You should remember that the security shutters work on proximity sensors; hence, they are fully automated. If your proximity sensors aren’t responding, the reason might be constant power loss. These proximity sensors should respond appropriately; if you want, your roller shutters should work in top-notch condition.

Hence, if the shutters are opening and closing halfway, the proximity sensors are installed and aligned appropriately with the power source. These sensors stop working due to the buildup of dust and debris, poor maintenance, and inadequate cleaning. The buildup of dust and debris will also affect the daily functioning of the security shutters. Hence, you need to clean the proximity sensors once or twice a month, and this problem will be resolved in no time!

#3 Roller Shutters Are Moving Too Slow And Fast

If the roller shutter is moving slowly or fast, it can happen because of the corroded springs. Nevertheless, there are ample reasons your roller shutters too fast or slow, but every reason would be related to the springs. On the contrary, if your roller shutter moves too fast, it can occur because of springs getting attached.

Hence, if this problem occurs repeatedly, you must look for replacing the cables or springs. Make sure that you seek the help of a professional for this task. One thing you should remember, roller shutters moving too fast and slow can lead to numerous accidents, so don’t ignore it.

Final Thoughts

If you feel all the solutions mentioned above aren’t working for you and the issues persist, you need to seek professional assistance. Instead of ignoring these problems and incurring huge losses, get them resolved and keep your security shutters in flawless condition.

Add value and security to your property with roller shutters
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