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Cow Ghee Or Buffalo Ghee. Which One Is Better?

HomeWellnessCow Ghee Or Buffalo Ghee. Which One Is Better?

Ghee is a purified form of butter that has been a staple in Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicines since ancient times. Ghee is also referred to as “clarified butter” which is prepared by heating unsalted butter until the solids of the milk and water rise to the top, where they are skimmed off. Ghee also comes in various flavors and it can be used in nearly every application that calls for butter, as an oil for frying and sautéing. Apart from its incredible flavor and versatility, there are various health benefits of ghee which are mentioned below.

  • Ghee is free from any preservatives and hence is completely natural.
  • Ghee is a rich source of antioxidants.
  • Ghee can be used as a moisturizer for dry skin and hair.
  • It protects us from cancer-causing agents.
  • Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ghee contains healthy fats and is a nutritional powerhouse.

Let us compare the properties of ghee created from cow milk with ghee obtained from buffalo milk.

Several Indians use ghee almost daily without really knowing the difference between cow ghee and buffalo ghee. Hence, it is very important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of this ghee for our healthy life.


One difference in both the ghee is its color. A distinct classification of the color of pure cow ghee is yellow whereas the color of pure buffalo ghee is white.

Buffalo milk typically has a higher fat content compared to cow’s milk, and as a result, buffalo ghee may have a richer color. The traditional method of making ghee involves simmering butter to remove water content and milk solids, leaving behind the pure butterfat. This process contributes to the characteristic golden hue of ghee.

It’s important to note that color can also be influenced by the presence of natural compounds like beta-carotene, which is found in grasses and plants consumed by animals. Additionally, the degree to which the butter is clarified during the ghee-making process can impact its final color.

In summary, buffalo ghee color is generally a golden or pale yellow, but variations can occur based on several factors, including the animal’s diet and the processing methods used.

Quantity of ghee

Another difference between desi cow ghee and buffalo ghee is its quantity. The quantity of ghee extracted from the cream of cow milk is lesser than that of buffalo.

Healthy diet

We consume ghee every day as a part of our healthy diet but highly saturated fat and cholesterol in ghee can also affect our diet. Cow ghee has low fat and high cholesterol in comparison with buffalo ghee.

Preserve for a long time

Organic cow ghee is considered good for children in comparison with buffalo ghee as it reduces obesity. It also protects the body from many diseases like thyroid, cardiovascular, etc.

Dairy products

In preparation for most of the dairy products, ghee is used. Cow ghee is used to make cheese, curd, and sweets because it is less thick and creamy. Buffalo ghee is used to produce paneer and yogurt.

Improve digestive system

Consumption of desi cow ghee helps strengthen the digestive system than buffalo ghee. One spoon of cow ghee along with a glass of warm milk before bed improves the digestive system.


There are so many minerals, vitamins, and proteins in cow ghee whereas buffalo ghee is rich in magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Nasya treatment

Ghee is used for Nasya treatment or as a nasal drop to cure problems of white hair, hair fall, migraine, tension, headache, hearing problems, eyesight problems, lack of memory and concentration, etc. For this purpose, mostly cow ghee is used than buffalo ghee.

It is clear that both cow ghee and buffalo ghee have their health benefits but the ghee prepared from cow’s milk is considered to have more medicinal properties and is also good for heart patients and children.

What do you think? Is buffalo ghee better than cow ghee?

Leave your opinion in the comment box given below.

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