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9 Smart Solo Travel Tips for Women

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Going for a vacation solo is no doubt a challenging one, especially for women. It is sometimes surprising, when women travel to explore the world solo! The reality shows hundreds of women have started to go solo, and this has turned into a boon in disguise. They have turned into more self-reliant and also liberated. Many times, it is not possible to find a travel partner, with whom we are compatible. Nonetheless, that should not stop us from realizing and fulfilling our dreams. In recent times, traveling solo has turned out to be the most common notion amongst travelers and backpackers.


The thought of going on a solo journey will increase your adrenaline rush. But then you have to be a ‘pro’ women in packing your backpack and keeping in mind the essential factors woven within traveling solo. For a first time traveler, it might be a bit challenging! Henceforward, do not let your panic embrace you. Read on the nine travel tips, which will transform you into a smart solo female traveler!

Do your bit of groundwork

While planning to travel solo, women travelers initially have to do a bit of foundation. You should conduct thorough research about the place you are going to travel. You should be aware of the basic facts, like foreign money exchange rate, visa requirements, and the related formalities, customs duty issues, public transport, and communication facilities, before your date of travel. Many social media information sites cater to all these queries in just one click. You should also interact more with your fellow travelers and the local people. Nothing is better than gathering information from them! Also, be aware of the social customs and traditions of the place where you are planning your solo trip. Do not go overboard in dressing, and announcing that you are a ‘vacationer’! Try to be a bit ‘mellowed-down’ while dressing during your trip. Observe the local people and try picking up a handful of their local language. It certainly will help you as a solo traveler.

Avoid last-minute bookings

Do not go in for the last-minute booking of your travel tickets! Though it is always positive to keep your itinerary flexible, you should plan to book your tickets and hotel accommodation a few days before your travel date. Be a calculative traveler, and purchase the flight tickets during weird hours. Tickets of these flight timings are generally less.

Moreover, opt for a well-facilitated dormitory, solo accommodating B&B, or an excellent and hygienic hostel. Dorms or hostels are the most excellent way to meet and interact with new people and increase your knowledge. Being a solo woman traveler, plan to stay put at any decent dorm or hostel only catering to women. They are any day more secured and have only women workforce at your service.


Believe in traveling light

Traveling light should always be your main motto! Packing-cubes will always cater to this requirement of traveling light. In it, you can accommodate your clothing and related accessories. They are any day a neat and in-expensive arrangement and save your precious time from fumbling for a pair of socks or t-shirts. Think logically, and pack those types of garb worn both ways. For instance, pack a one-piece dress, which also worn as a shirt over your jeans. Pack a pair of scarves, which you can always transform into a head-wrap or a shawl! Carry a small bag, inside your main luggage, which you can use during your sight-seeing. Stack inside this your travel essentials, like passport, emergency medicines, credit/debit cards, cell phone, hand sanitizer, a small hand towel, and also a bottle of water. Moreover, make sure of carrying duplicate copies of travel documents as a back-up on your cell phone, computer, and inside your main baggage.

You can also visit Germany and use the train service. Take a look at DB Auskunft for schedules.

Stay in constant touch with your confidante


Be smart and share your travel itinerary with someone whom you trust the most. Keep him/her in the loop. Any issues during your trip, you might be your immediate respite. Right from flight details, hotel accommodation, sight-seeing whereabouts, and travel insurance, all these you should mail to your confidante. Once after arrival at the booked hotel or hostel, share the front office/reception contact number with your trusted friend. By staying in constant touch with your confidante, is a commendable way of easing your loved one’s fear and anxiety. You will thus get easily located if at all you fall into any trouble while traveling alone.

Be confident and less chaotic

Being self-confident and less chaotic and anxious should always be what you should be while traveling alone. Do not show any signs of anxiousness on your face, as some locals might take advantage of this opportunity. You will turn more defenseless if you lack in confidence. While hiking or sight-seeing, if you lose your way, do not panic. Keep walking with head held high, and act as if you know where you are heading! In this manner, you will look less likely as a vulnerable and possible target!

Have faith Won your inner instincts

While traveling solo, be attentive all the time. You should have confidence in your drives. While on your move, if you sense something eerie, do not hold yourself back. Walkout from that place or the individual instantly. If you sense something negative, you have all the authority to change your accommodation, rent a car, or plan to shift your location to some other city. Thus, you should always be ready to act, if ever you feel insecure or rough.

Highlight your safety and be alert of your valuables

Be more watchful in crowded areas. Keep your valuables with yourself while you are out of the hotel. While in a new place, make a small secret stash for all your valuables, like cell phone, purse, and travel documents. Never leave them in your main luggage. And, also try to carry less number of items with you, once traveling. Only stick to your essentials. Do not go overboard while packing your personal belongings.

Moreover, try choosing day-tours. Travel during the day-time. It is safer than traveling on the night hours. Carry with you a small canister of ‘pepper spray’. After landing at the location, feed your cell phone and also keep a note of the local emergency numbers. Lastly, invest in travel insurance, as they will provide you with a renewed life once in trouble.

Restrict yourself from too much drinking

While traveling solo, restrict yourself from getting heavily drunk and losing your senses. This type of behavior is non-recommended. Restrict yourself to a couple of drinks, and never leave your drink unattended.

Stop being a spend-thrift and stay safe


Nothing in comparison to staying safe. If you have a delayed flight or you happen to be traveling to a rough city, spend an extra amount from your pocket for a decent room in an appropriate hotel. Avoid being a spend-thrift and experimenting by choosing the low-budget ones. The good hotels have the provision of picking up their guests from the airport. Do not have to worry about your conveyance. After checking in, you can always rent a car to go car-camping solo. The whole idea is very tempting, and you can always stack your belongings on car roof racks and plan to explore the city’s outskirts with full energy. Even though it means spending more on staying in a centrally located hotel, the hustle and bustle of the surroundings mean a lot, as compared to lonely and isolated ones. Keep some cash in a secret stash, which might help you when you require to book a room in all these hotels. This extra monetary stash will be a real boon!

Smart and wise solo traveler

Traveling solo to untrodden parts of the world sounds quite an exciting and interesting option. But then, the conclusive result is always worthy. When planning a solo trip, opt for a more comfortable tourist-friendly destination, like Asian countries, Iceland, or parts of Egypt. Moreover, download from the various travel applications available to get a better idea. The travel sites act as a great source of guiding you in decision making. What is more, the above nine smart solo travel trips acts as an excellent guide to help you travel better and make you wiser. Be a quick and wise solo woman, traveler!

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