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My Life, My Job, My Career: Career Prospects for MBA Graduates

HomeEducationalMy Life, My Job, My Career: Career Prospects for MBA Graduates

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most in-demand corporate degrees. A few of the popular fields in demand for MBA graduates include management, marketing, accounting, human resources, finance, sales, healthcare, etc. During their course of study, the participants gain an in-depth knowledge of the select field, learn to innovate and come up with ideas to make business better.

To gain a managerial role, one requires business skills. With an MBA, you can achieve strategic, qualitative, and analytical skills. In brief, an MBA gives you versatile business skills that help you to build your career goals.

Let us explore some of the career goals and opportunities with an MBA degree.

What can MBA graduates do after business school

The first step once you finish your MBA graduation is to set realistic goals. Know yourself like your interest, skills, and what you can contribute to the organization. It helps you to navigate the companies, attend interviews, build a network, etc. Further, you can narrow down your job search (the industries you want to serve), add necessary skills and knowledge by gaining professional business certifications.

Get introduced to some of the job opportunities after an MBA here.


Though it is a traditional job, teaching is a noble profession. One can get into University or college and take teaching as a career. You can move ahead by clearing competitive exams and pursuing a Ph.D. You may start as an Assistant Professor and move up the career lane as Professor, Dean, Head of the Department, Director, Vice-Chancellor, etc.

In this career, you can always be in touch with the present generation, motivate them, and mold them into good citizens.

Start a business

Establishing a new company or joining a startup may involve hectic deadlines and unknown work processes at different stages of the business. However, the challenge of running a business will not scare an MBA graduate, because one can apply business knowledge earned during the course of study. Earning business certifications would be an added advantage. You may join the family-run business, come up with new ways, innovations, and start new projects.

As an entrepreneur, you will have all the freedom and inspiration to work on your ideas, see your dream business come true, and become a business strategy leader.

Government or public service

Working in government and public service is gaining popularity again. Earlier graduates aimed to secure a government job for life. The trend narrowed down owing to the overhaul of technology and engineering. However, the trend is back again.

Business schools teach scholars to leverage interpersonal skills such as diplomacy, negotiations, etc. An MBA in finance, management, or public policy helps the candidates to become government officials by taking a career in public service or politics.

Banking and Finance

MBAs can work in investment banking, insurance companies, private equity, and other financial sectors. However, you need to gain internship or banking experience to find a position in corporate development, private equity, hedge funds, or security firms. You can find a job in venture capital too.

You should gain knowledge in risk management, problem-solving skills, and get trained in leadership skills.

Business analysis and marketing

If you have business analytics as your electives during MBA, you can comprehend the constantly evolving business needs, lead operations, think like a business strategic leader and come up with novel strategies to improve business based on data analytical skills. To support your skills, you may opt for data analytics certifications as an additional qualification. You may opt for International business too.

Likewise, MBA in marketing helps you to learn about sales, market research, marketing strategies, consumer behavior, cost volume, product management (you may think of a job in product management), analysis of demand, executive and leadership management, etc. As digital marketing dominates the marketing field these days, businesses look for marketing professionals having strong digital marketing skills. So, it is recommended to have knowledge of digital marketing and stay updated with the trend.

Human resources

MBA in human resources is one of the popular specializations. It helps you to learn practices in human resources, develop management skills, strategic management, legal aspect management, strengthen employees’ relations, etc.

You may get placed in human resource and recruiting departments, focus on training, design jobs, manage employees, etc., to ensure productivity.

Management consultation

You can take management jobs in business operations, hospital management, finance management, business management, agencies, etc. The strategic and analytical training skills acquired at business school would help you to understand the organization, provide ideas, resolve issues, and improve performance.

These are some of the main career options after an MBA.

Wrapping Up

Moving forward, gaining an MBA degree may not always fetch you the dream job right away. Though obtaining an MBA degree is an achievement, it is crucial to upskill yourself after an MBA to get better job opportunities.

Depending on your specialization in the MBA, it is recommended to study further and gain job competencies. Building a network is much important. Some of the important skills to get into any organization includes leadership, communication, problem-solving, business, and technical understanding is crucial to succeed in the job.

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