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Must-Have Real Estate Mobile Application For Investors And Realtors!

HomeTechnologyMust-Have Real Estate Mobile Application For Investors And Realtors!

Buying a house is one of the most expensive purchases that a person makes in his life, hence, it is important to have information and knowledge about the best deals available in the market. Hence, real estate apps can help the person to know about the best deals available in the market and provide where and when it is best to purchase the house or property. With the growth in the real estate industry, mobile app development company and developers are also focusing on developing real estate apps that can help the person to buy a house and also provide information about the best location, rates, and types of properties available.   

However, before downloading the real estate app, it is important to know about different types of apps available in the market. For instance, some mobile apps have a large volume of house listing, while some apps provide information about auction properties and commercial properties available. There are some real estate apps that can offer some discounts on home buying. Hence, when a person is on the active house hunt or looking for the property for investment purposes, there are different mobile apps available that can help in finding the best properties in the desired area or location.

Below are some of the best real estate apps developed by mobile app development company.


Zillow is one of the best real estate mobile apps. The app provides users with estimated home value, past sale price and more information for the homes in the US. For homeowners, it provides a facility to create an account and also track the estimated home value over time and also offers insights on the sale price in case the owner decides to move to a new place.  

Zillow apps also help users to view the prices of a home on the basis of location and also provides a search option and filters to simplify the search process. 


RedFin is one of the best apps for a discount on home buying fees. RedFin is also a brokerage firm and also provides an app. It provides an estimated value of the home that is sometimes accurate as compared to algorithms by Zillow. Moreover, active home search is one of the best features in this app and can filter new open home options. The app developed by mobile app development company also provides new home options that may not lead to the next home, however, it gives an idea of what type of homes are available in the area. Also, the standard fees for the RedFin app is low than the fees charged by traditional agents. 


LoopNet is considered as the best application for the investors interested in real estate investment. LoopNet is just like Zillow to find bigger properties. If a person is looking for commercial property or multi-unit property, then the person may not be able to find details on other sites. LoopNet is especially for people looking to invest in properties. Also, when looking for property investment, it is better to buy property out of state or in another town. 

Bigger Pockets

Bigger pockets app provides a range of free resources that can help people in gaining knowledge about real estate including podcasts, ebooks, blog posts, forums, and guides. This app developed by mobile app development company acts as a gateway in the world of Bigger Pockets, which is also available through the Bigger Pockets site. 

The Bigger Pockets app also helps users to know different kinds of properties and also helps in knowing how to get the best returns on the property investment. If the person is looking to invest in real estate, then the Bigger Pockets app can prove to be one of the best resources. is the official portal for the National Association of Realtors. One of the benefits of the site is the relation that realtors have with Multiple listing systems that offer data feeds used by various sites on this list. Due to the special relation, is updated fast and provides a wide range of various listed properties. also makes it easy to connect with local agents. However, the person should be sure about the new agent before hiring or signing the agreement with the agent. Shopping around for both homes and agents is a good idea before buying a new property. 


Among various real estate apps developed by a mobile app development company, HomeSnap provides features that are useful for both agents and homebuyers. HomeSnap also has MLS powered features and also provides sharing and messaging feature that makes it easy for home buyers to share details with their partners and also give them the chance to provide their opinion on the property.  

The app also provides MLS real-time updates that offer access to new and updated list of properties as soon as possible, this can make a difference between missing out on a home and winning a bid. 


Trulia was started as an independent company, however, it is now owned by Zillow. This has resulted in some data from Zillow to Trulia and vice versa. Zillow is the best app for home ownership, such as tracking home price, on the other hand, Trulia is the best app for the active house search. Trulia offers various tools to find new homes and also provides filters to search by home features such as wooden floors and will show only homes that are with wooden flooring and meet the user needs. 


People who are looking to buy a home through an auction, then Xome is the best app for such people. This app by mobile app development company provides access to various real estate auctions. Some auctions are exclusively provided through Xome while some auctions are offered by MLS. 

The ‘home only’ section on Xome provides an option to get a deal on foreclosed, bank owned, standard home and short sale listing. This feature by Xome app is the best option for people to pick or select a property before it is introduced to the general market at a very low rate. The low price paid for a house means high profit when it is sold. 

The majority of real estate companies are focusing on the development of real estate app with the help of a mobile app development company. The real estate app can help the company to communicate with the customers, target customers accurately help in brand promotion, and also attract buyers to purchase the property with the help of various advanced features, such as maps, 3D view of the property, push notifications, etc.  

PS: Author is the Co-Founder and Director at Mobisoft Infotech – a Trucking and Logistics App Development Solution provider.

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Nitin Lahoti
Nitin Lahoti
Nitin Lahoti is the Co-Founder and Director at Mobisoft Infotech - a Trucking and Logistics App Development Solution provider. He has 12+ years of experience in Design, Business Development and Startups. His expertise is in Product Ideation, UX/UI design, Startup consulting and mentoring. He prefers business readings and loves travelling.

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