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Legal tips for buying agricultural land in India

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The primary concern for many Indians is about their financial commitment. Money is what all we need to celebrate all the important events like marriage, building a house etc. So, buying agricultural land can be asaviour in times of your urgent needs. Sounds Logical decision right?

But the supply of land in India is very scarce and there is also a popular saying in North India which goes like this “For any disputes to arise, there are 3 main reasons – Zoru (women), Zar (Money) and Zameen (Land)”.

Hence we have to be cautious while investing in land and know a few tips before venturing into an agricultural Land. Moreover, this article is mainly helpful for all the newbies who are looking for Agricultural Land for Sale in Telangana, India.

Check the Title deed

The first and foremost thing to look at or know is whether the land is in the name of the seller. Does he have all the legal rights to sell? Ask him whether he is the present owner of the land or not. Verify whether the owner has the proper sale deed documents. At times there will be multiple landowners. In that case, obtain release certificate from all the other participants also. For any legal advice, it is better to hire a lawyer. I would recommend visiting Pahani can give solutions about the Land for Sale in Hyderabad, India.


After verifying all the document, make a written document on the cost of the land before making an advance payment. The agreement is to be done between a lawyer and has to be duly signed and attested by both the partners along with two other witnesses.

Collect tax receipts along with the bill

As a buyer, you buy the land which belongs to you. Isn’t it? If you don’t pay attention, then you’ll be losing a lot. So, carefully check whether all the documents are in place like any latest property bills and so on. Ask your nearby municipal officer about the tax receipts. Ensure that they are no outstanding or loans on the property you’re buying. Even ask about the updated electricity and water bills for safety purpose.

Obtaining an agriculture Land from NRI

Purchasing an agricultural Land from NRI is complex owing to some legal hassles. For instance, earlier, when I was looking for Agriculture Land for Sale near Hyderabad, an individual who was a foreign national, tried to sell the land. But when I approached Pahani, they told me that a person staying abroad cannot sell their land unless and until they have an authorized third party.

Hence, I recommend everyone to be extra vigilant and make sure the power of attorney is signed and witnessed by an officer who belongs to the Indian embassy.

Recommended tip: Don’t be in a hurry while buying land. Buying a land involves an emotional touch to many. Inquire twice about the land with nearby people. Take wise decisions in times of need without any urgency. Properly register by taking any real estate agent help.

Visit Pahani, the best real estate portal to know more about Agriculture Land for Sale in Telangana. They connect all the buyers and sellers in Telangana and Andhra region.

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