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6 Tips for Enjoying a Family Road Trip in the UAE

HomeInsights6 Tips for Enjoying a Family Road Trip in the UAE

As one of the top family-friendly countries in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates offers a variety of destinations and activities that people of all ages will love.

Additionally, every city in the UAE has several must-visit places of interest. They are all accessible by road as well. Because of this, you and your family can visit these tourist spots by land, which is a more affordable and fun way of traveling and exploring the country.

If you are planning your first family road trip in the UAE, start by hiring the right vehicle. It should have enough seats to accommodate everyone joining the tour. It must also have plenty of space for all the luggage, bags, toys, food, and other items you need to bring.

A 14-seater van rental in Abu Dhabi is the ideal vehicle for a comfortable and safe family road trip across the UAE. It has plenty of seats and space that it will surely fit in all passengers, luggage, bags, and other bulky items.

A van also has various features that will enable you and your loved ones to have a more enjoyable time as you traverse different roads and visit one place after another.

Aside from renting a van, you can make your first family road trip in the UAE problem-free and more memorable by following these tips:

1.    Create checklists

When going on a family road trip, forgetting to bring something can cause you and your loved ones plenty of headaches and hassles. To avoid overlooking an essential item for your journey, make different lists of things to pack.

Create checklists for the following:

Clothes and footwear (swimming outfits, jackets, pajamas, underwear, flip-flops, hiking boots, rubber shoes, and enough clean clothing to last during the trip).

Accessories (hats, sunglasses, binoculars, and chargers for mobile gadgets and cameras).

Beach essentials (towels, sunblock, lip balm, and floating devices for the kids).

Food (snacks and beverages for the road).

Other essentials (driver’s license, PR cards, debit and credit cards, cash, tissue paper, wet wipes, medicines, flashlight, paper and Ziploc bags, and a first aid kit).

Toys, books, and other items that can keep kids occupied.

It is best to give each family member a copy of the checklist of items they need to pack and bring. You can also provide your younger kids with printouts of these lists; however, you have to help them complete them.

2.    Make your itinerary

Winging it and stopping at any place you simply want to see is something that won’t work when you go on a road trip with your family. As such, you need to plan your destinations and stopovers carefully beforehand.

Create a list of destinations and activities that you and your family will enjoy. Include everyone in the final selection of places to visit to get them more excited and encounter fewer complaints along the way.

Here are some suggestions for your first road trip:

Abu Dhabi

Places of interest include the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, Yas Island, Ferrari World, Emirates Palace, Jebel Hafeet, Al Jahili Fort, and Saadiyat Island.


Must-visit places include Fujairah Fort, Al Bidyah Mosque, Al Hayl Castle, Hajar Mountains, and Al Aqah Beach.

Al Ain

Top attractions are Jebel Hafeet, Al AIn Zoo, Al Jahiri Fort, Al Ain Oasis, Central Public Garden, Hili Archaeological Park, and Wadi Adventure Park.

Ras Al Khaimah

Well-known destinations include Jebel Jais, Ras Al-Khaimah National Museum, Dhayah Fort, Iceland Water Park, and Jazirat Al Hamra Beach.

3.    Plan your route and stopovers

Once you have decided on your destinations and number of days for your holiday, ensure your journey goes as smoothly as possible by selecting your routes, hotels to stay, restaurants for your meal breaks or takeaways, and other rest stops.

You can find hotels with the best rates, recommended restaurants, and even gas stations with low prices online. Look for parks and roadside attractions that the others can visit and explore while you take a rest.

While planning your journey, consider creating a schedule as well, such as the time to leave home, lunch breaks, and checking in at the hotel. By doing so, you will ensure everyone will be ready on time and get more from the trip.

4.    Designate another driver

No matter how short or long your road trip is, it would be best to bring another companion who can drive for a stretch as you rest for an hour or two.

Keep in mind that you will get tired if you drive continuously for hours. You may fall ill as well. Because of this, it is safer to have someone with you who can take over the wheel for a while.

If your spouse cannot drive or doesn’t have a license, ask a relative or close family friend to go with you on the trip.

And regardless of who the alternate driver is, make sure your car insurance covers multiple vehicle operators.

5.    Prepare activities everyone can join

Although you can keep your kids entertained by giving them a tablet or smartphone when they get bored, you don’t want them to stay glued to these small screens the whole trip.

Think of or look up games that you can do while on the road. These include I Spy, singing, and rhyming games.

Consider preparing an arts and crafts bag for your kids, too. It should contain pencils, crayons, paper, ribbons, scissors, glue, and other items they need to create masterpieces while inside the vehicle.

If your vehicle has folding car trays, have your kids use them to do their projects. If the van doesn’t have these, pack some magnetic chalkboard trays as an alternative.

Make sure there are containers or paper bags that they can use for throwing their rubbish as well.

6.    Expect the unexpected

Lastly, emergencies can and will happen during road trips. As such, you have to be prepared to deal with them.

Your checklist will help you be ready for these emergencies. Packing medicines for motion sickness, for instance, will provide relief to anyone who is feeling sick on the road.

Having paper or Ziploc bags, tissue paper, and wet wipes ensures the person who feels sick won’t make a mess inside the vehicle as well.

Band-Aids and calamine lotion, which should be in your first aid kit, will provide immediate relief to anyone who gets a cut or scrapes his or her knees or gets bitten by an insect.

Pack extra bottled water, juice boxes, cookies, chips, and other food items that everyone can munch on when there is an unexpected delay and you can’t find a restaurant to have lunch or dinner in on time.

Whether you are going on a short or long road trip with your family, follow these tips to have a safe and enjoyable journey.

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