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Why Your Property Should Have a Gas Hookup

HomeEducationalWhy Your Property Should Have a Gas Hookup

If you’re getting into real estate investing, it’s time to start learning about what makes a property desirable and what doesn’t. The hope is that you get good enough at identifying desirable properties that choosing ones to invest in isn’t too difficult. While there are a lot of in-your-face features for each home, gas hookups are more subtle. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important though.

Insulate Yourself from Power Outages

A few states have made headlines in the recent past for thousands and thousands of residents losing power for a long time. California is the biggest culprit in that regard. Sometimes the issue is that equipment has been damaged by storms. That’s less of a problem for those who heat their homes using natural gas. The lines that carry the gas to houses are typically placed underground. That offers them a greater measure of protection if a storm rolls in. You’ll be comfortably warm the next time the power goes out if you have gas heating in your house. You’ll also be well-fed since you can still use your gas stove.

Add Fuel for a Fireplace

Winter is nearing its end, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still use your fireplace. It’s a great way to keep warm during cold weather and something you can stare into mindlessly if you need a minute to meditate. 

If you have a wood fireplace, consider swapping it out for a gas fireplace instead. Natural gas-burning fireplace inserts are more efficient than ones that use wood and burn very cleanly. There’s less mess too since you won’t need the wood to start the fire. 

The Gas Stove Option

There have been a lot of headlines lately about gas stoves. In the USA there has been talk of regulation as well as exemptions from regulation due to potential safety risks with gas stoves (especially in areas that are not well ventilated). Ensure that there is proper ventilation for any tenants that want to have a gas stove, and make sure they are aware that they have the option of gas or electric.

As long as it runs on natural gas, it’s efficient and generally consumes less energy than its electric counterparts. They produce an open flame that some cooks find easier to control.Having the hook ups for both gas and electric stoves will appeal to more people looking at your property since the gas vs electric stove debate has turned into a culture war of sorts in the USA.

Despite the push toward electricity and away from gas and carbon-based fuels, there are some real advantages your tenants can enjoy simply because your property has a gas hookup. It can make life much easier and more convenient, especially if you experience a power outage. 

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