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7 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for the Whole Family During A Pandemic

HomeWellness7 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable for the Whole Family...

Making the most out of your living quarters is imperative for the current situation. All of us spend all this time indoors, so we should make our homes as comfortable as possible. Not only will we make it comfier for ourselves, we will also make it so for our family members. Every member of your family should enjoy the time they spend indoors as much as it is possible. Here are some ways to make your home cosier for your entire family.

Clean as a team

Maintaining high levels of cleanliness during these times is imperative. Regular densification of all surfaces is highly recommended. If you’ve been postponing to deep clean your place, because it’s a bit of a tiring experience, now’s your chance to finally do it. Just consider it as one of the things you have to cross off of your list and you won’t feel like it’s a chore.

Delegate work properly to every member of your family, even your kids. There are things they can do like dusting off shelves, wiping the leaves of plants and other things that require just a wipe or a dusting cloth. If you delegate work, you can make everything spick and shine in just a few hours. Blast some upbeat music and bust out your cleaning moves.

Infuse your home with spa elements

Once your home is clean and shiny, you can improve the way it feels by infusing it with some decorative elements. Add some spa details like scented candles, incense sticks, aromatherapy, healing crystals as well. Invigorating smells like vanilla or citrusy scents can appeal to your senses and make the idea of being home all the time a lot easier. Let your kids choose the scents they want for their room. Add one of these elements to every room, from bedroom, living room to the bathroom.

Decorate with a family DIY projects

DIY projects are perfect boredom busters. All of you are probably feeling a bit restless by now and you could use something fun to do. When you combine fun with elements of creativity, you’ll get a perfect combination. But before you embark on your DIY road, research your possibilities. Find easy to do projects online and on Youtube.

Look for those creative projects you can later use to decorate your home with. For example, you could embellish some photo frames, paint some abstract pictures or paint the flower pots for your terrace. Make sure you pick a project that is worth the initial investment since you’ll have to buy materials.

Rearrange the furniture

People easily fall into a rut. The same goes for having the exact furniture arrangement in your home like when you just moved into the apartment. Giving your shared space an updated look will increase the beauty of the room. Moreover, it will increase the level of cosiness and give you a sense of novelty, without having to spend a dime. 

Sit down with your entire family and have a brainstorming session on how you can change things a bit in your living room. Once you all disclose your ideas and thoughts, agree on the most suitable ones, roll up your sleeves and start rearranging the furniture. The new furniture layout will give you a new perspective and a fresh start.

Create a reading nook everyone will like

Reading is among the most recommended quarantine activities. The reason why it’s so popular is because people often say that they just can’t seem to find the time to read. Setting up a proper reading nook is a great way to pick up reading and turn it into your daily habit. Most importantly, you can also instill this habit into your kids, as well. 

Take a look at your apartment and look for a quiet corner, preferably next to a window. If you position your reading chair next to a window, you’ll have lots of natural light which is ideal for reading. Sophisticated roman blinds by Marlow & Finch will give you the privacy you need while not compromising on the amount of light. Position a coffee table near the chair, within arms length.

This will make it easier for you to put down your tea, decorate it with scented candles and attach a reading lamp for extra light. Throw in a few pillows and a soft blanket for you to snuggle in with a great book. This will be a no-phone zone, and your kids are allowed to use it only if they are reading a book.

Add fresh flowers into the mix

Fresh flowers can make even the dullest place look beautiful. Use this trick to your advantage and decorate your home with lovely spring flowers. You can even pick flowers from your garden and put them in a vase on your dining table. Almost the same effect can be achieved with green plants, so pick a plant you never owned before.

Surprise your kids with a fort

Kids simply love to play hide and seek, so what not make them their own personal place to hide. Of course, we’re talking about building a fort for your kids. This is also a shared activity, and all of you can join in on the fun. Your kids will squeal with delight and build this fort with vigour and excitement. You’ll need some light blankets, pillows and a safe place to position it. You will also teach your kids the importance of teamwork and how joint efforts bring better results.

You can also take this activity up a notch and hang Christmas lights or string lights into the children room. The kids will use them instead of their night lamps and have the sense of camping while they’re playing in their fort.

You can also set up a family exercise corner in your home. Physical activity is important because we’re spending all this time around. If you make it into a competition, even your kids will look forward to it. 

As you can see, setting up a comfier place for the entire family is easy and fun to do.

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