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Careers in Real Estate Finance That You Should Consider

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Most of the time when people think about careers in real estate they think about real estate agents, whose job is to try to match people and real estate. That’s far from the only career option available though. If you have a head for math and an interest in real estate, then a career in the finance sector of the real estate industry might be a good fit for you. Here are some to consider.

Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Real estate portfolio managers are responsible for handling their clients assets. You’ll be expected to complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. It’s best if this degree is in business or real estate, though other related fields of study may work as well. You’ll also need to have great analytical and people skills. Staying organized and being able to prioritize tasks correctly are also vital skills. Real estate portfolio managers make an average of $100,000 a year.

Mortgage Loan Originator

A mortgage loan originator, or an MLO, is someone whose job is to help people apply for a mortgage. They examine applications to determine whether or not the applicant will qualify for the loan they are trying to get. While you aren’t inherently required to have a college degree to be an MLO, though some employers may require it for their employees. Many states also require MLOs to be licensed, which requires prelicensing education. In addition, MLOs must take at least 8 hours of courses each year. Once hired, entry-level MLOs can expect to make around $40,000, with salary rates increasing with additional experience.

Real Estate Analyst

Real estate analysts are responsible for generating forecasts based on current market trends and performing research to make deals and make the best use out of their employer’s finances based on their goals. In short, they analyze properties and the market and then make recommendations accordingly. This career requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, though an MBA is useful for getting ahead. At least a year of experience is usually desired as well. It can be a mentally demanding and stressful job, so it’s not for the faint of heart. The current average salary in the US for a real estate analyst is $67,313.

Becoming a real estate professional takes work, and a lot of it. If you have the head for it though, a career in real estate finance can be a wonderful opportunity. Take a closer look at these and other career options to find the one that is the right fit for you and your circumstances. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the career of your dreams.

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