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How To Use Healthy Tips To Care Your PC

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For a long journey of your PC it is important to take care of it periodically else be ready to spend more money on a new laptop. To keep your PC healthy and clean, you don’t have to do any hard-work. Just daily cleaning of dust, keeping wires properly, updating some software frequently and lastly, protect your PC from any liquid spilled can save life of your system.

Today I am going to share with you some useful and experienced tactics to increase the life of your PC. Are you interested to know these points? Let’s start!

Always keep Antivirus Software: First and basic need of your laptop is to keep them protected from virus and other malware programs. For this never go for free and unknown downloading files because they may be free but full of viruses. A small virus can corrupt whole your system that ultimately you had no option to purchase new. Always try to install verified and paid antivirus software from the experts. They may cost you at starting but you will be always tension free.

Never keep liquid Item Near to it: Although it is not directly related to any hardware and software damage but can save us from any untold miss-happening. By chance if you forget to tie the bottle cap and all of sudden it spilled out near the wires, it can bring more loss. Hope you understand the point!

Introspection of the hardware parts frequently: Regular check up of the hardware devices can protect you from the sudden ‘not working” problems. Always check the status of your computer battery in advance, know the status of hard-disk and other installed drivers whether they are working or need any up-gradation.  So, that you can keep a replica of them at your home already and instantly replace with the defective when needed. Smart way of doing work!

Ventilation is Important: While doing work on PC, it required a proper ventilation area to pass the heat.  Also make sure the heating fan is working otherwise computer will get overheated every time and for which you will need to call the online help!

Clean and Dust-free PC: For a longer lifeline, before using the system, put a cleaning spray on the clean and wipe with the soft and cleaning cloth. This will help your computer remain clean and dust-free.

While maintaining your PC, you can also take care of yourself, How? Daily cleaning of your PC will make a workout from your body. Although have to apply come precaution if you are a daily users of them such are:

  • Wearing the eye glasses to protect your eyes from the bad light rays.
  • Try to sit straight as much as possible.
  • Do you know continuous sitting in front of the desktop leads to the several disease like fat, obesity, cervical and headache etc. Therefore, always set a reminder to take break from your desktop.
  • You can do exercise by sitting such as stretching, rolling on chair, moving your feet in a circular motion, and by standing up for few minutes.
  • Yeah don’t forget to take lots of fluid.

Moving further, the next step is Dumping the files that are not used from a longer period: We daily download files and create new folders that we forget to use after few months. Why keeping them and filling our valuable hard-disk space? Better to delete them and make our computer light and faster.

Think before Using External Devices: Don’t use pen drive, USB, and DVDs directly, they might be affected from the virus. Our computer safety is important and therefore, always run antivirus programs for them.

The lists are non-ended. You can even update Operating system, power on firewall configuration, defragment the hard-drive, and update the drivers.

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Radhika Chand
Radhika Chand
My name is Radhika Chand and I am a professional blogger from India specialized in writing about the topics related to the new technologies, innovation, latest hardware and networking.


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