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8 Least Known Indian Government Jobs

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Government job! It is a gate to a wide range of employment with good Sarkari Results. Whenever you talk about Government jobs, this term does not exist in the singular because every person preparing for a Government job is preparing for a wide range of exams.

There are some standard exams and government jobs that are known to all because we often hear people preparing for these exams like IBPS PO, UPSC and many such examinations. Are government jobs limited to the posts and exams we know, or there is something beyond that? There are posts which we are least aware of, but they exist, and people are working in those organizations and earning a good amount of money.

To know about such lesser-known government jobs continue reading.

1. Water and Power Consultancy Services

The water and power consultancy services are a part of the Ministry of Water Resources of the Indian Government. The consultancy company is the leading company in the water resource sector and has won the Mini Ratna Tag for its services. The idea of consultancy can come into existence in the Indian Government to compete with a firm like Mckinsey and Price Water House Coopers (PwC) companies that were over-charging rates.

Water and power consultancy services are present in 5 Nations and provide consultancy in water resources, power and infrastructure.

2. Researcher at DRDO

Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is an agency responsible for designing technology for defence purposes. Many scientists and techies work in DRDO and work in the field of aeronautics, electronics and everything that can be used for defence purposes. A missile you say, yes the place can help

3. Defence Contractor

Defence Contractor is also known as an individual contractor. Indian Government spends a lot of money to buy ammunition and arms brought and managed by a defence contractor. The products that are purchased under the surveillance of Defense contractors include Civilians/ Military vehicles, electronic systems, weaponry, ships and aircraft.

The job of a defence contractor is not on the government payroll and is strictly contract-based.

4. Archeologist (ASI) or Fresco Restoration

Are you a history geek and want to know all about what existed, what exists and what could exist in future? But you are not someone who could stay in the classroom and teach students about this then why even consider doing that?

Let’s dig into the pit holes, visit inside some time and look at what the monuments have to offer you.

Indian jobs

5. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

ICMR is the supreme body of our country for the promotion and formulation of biomedical research. It is one the largest and oldest body of research in the world. ICMR for medical researchers is like Mecca. Various vital research of the world like the research on AIDS, TB, leprosy, vector control, food and drug toxicology, diarrhoea and cholera, medical statistics, reproduction, etc. are being conducted in 26 different institutions of ICMR.

6. Intelligence Bureau Officer

Suppose you are someone with an eagle’s eye and a sharp brain. If you can solve puzzles and catch wrongdoers for a living, then this job is definitely for you. James Bond, you said? Well, it resonates. Indian Bureau is the oldest intelligence agency in the world.

Ready to have some action with the brain, then the post is made for you.

7. Scooters India Limited (SIL)

Scooters India Limited is known to have significantly fewer people. Though they are recruiting and are working in progress to introduce something new in India, the word is not properly out. Along with working on some new projects, the company also makes spare parts.

8. Coast Guard

As the name suggests, in this post, you have the responsibility to guard the Indian coast. Protecting the Indian coast includes smuggling goods, illegal immigrants and foreign enemies. You have to do all this guarding by patrolling hovercrafts and speedboats.

Imagine yourself around the sea and always have fun and adventure. If taking a risk is not something you are afraid of, then this job can be for you.


Here we come to the end of the list of jobs that are cool, unique and known to significantly fewer people. While reading about some organizations and posts even you might also have felt like, you never knew this job ever existed under the radar of a Government job.

There are many jobs like these for which you can apply and add some flavour to your life. Stay aware and updated about everything related to the government job because you can’t afford to miss anything. is the site where you can all the related details and keep yourself updated.

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