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Why Coding Is A Hot Skill You Should Start Learning

HomeEducationalWhy Coding Is A Hot Skill You Should Start Learning

The future of coding is bright and there’s no better time to learn it than now.

Coding might seem like something only computer-based professionals need to deal with, but today’s business world needs basic coding knowledge from everyone. With so many jobs now requiring some level of programming knowledge, it’s important to start developing these skills early, especially if you’re hoping to move into a computer-based professional field.

In this article, we’ll explore the basics of coding and how it can help you achieve not just your career goals, but your life goals as well. 

What is Coding and Why Do I Need It?

Coding is the use of letters, numbers, and symbols to create a programmable language. While what you’re actually saying in that language may be related only to the task at hand (for example, telling a robot how to move or a calculator how to add a row of numbers), coding languages follow general rules that can be used across different applications.

Coding is often thought of as being just for computer technicians, but in reality, it’s becoming more important for managers and non-technical professionals as well. Almost every company uses some form of technology, whether it’s a simple website or an advanced machine, and having basic coding skills will help you understand what the company needs to function.

Beyond this, it’s becoming more common for non-technical professionals to need some level of coding knowledge. The ability to think logically about problems is necessary for many roles, including marketing, finance, and management. 

Six Reasons Why Learning Coding Can Put You Ahead

Let’s look at six ways that learning to code can help open up opportunities in your desired field.

Coding teaches logical thinking and problem solving

When writing code, one has to follow certain rules of logic for it to work properly. This allows you to think more logically about problems in your work and see potential issues before they arise.

Learning how to approach extremely complex tasks logically can help you when trying to solve problems that aren’t related to coding.

Coding teaches resilience and dedication

The process of learning how to code can be grueling and thoroughly frustrating at times, but it also requires a lot of dedication if you want to be successful in the profession.

If you’re not completely dedicated to learning how to code, you’ll quickly give up and stop trying. This same dedication will help you with most jobs, as it’s necessary for sticking to a difficult task until it’s been completed.

Learning how to code helps you understand technology

In most cases, even if you don’t work directly with technology, you’ll still be asked to use it. Being able to code will allow you to have a better understanding of how this technology works and what kind of tasks are possible with it.

Companies usually work hard on developing their technology systems so they can function more smoothly, but without anyone who knows how these systems work overall, problems can crop up.

If you work with spreadsheets, for example, something as simple as creating an automated dashboard can be a maddening experience for those without the proper coding knowledge. Having some coding know-how will give you the ability to understand how these technical systems work and how to troubleshoot problems.

Coding helps you be more of a team player

Despite its reputation as a somewhat solitary pursuit, coding is much more of a team effort than many people realize.

Whether you’re working on a project with several others or simply getting support from technical teams during development, coding requires regular teamwork to be done successfully.

Having some sense of coding will give you a better appreciation for what the team is doing and how to work together with them.

Coding is a great thing to list on your resume

The heavy use of programming languages like Java or Python across several industries ensures that knowing how to code can be beneficial in many careers.

It will give you an edge over other applicants when applying for jobs, as it shows that you have a talent for understanding complex systems and logical thinking.

It also makes it easier to transition between different careers if you need to. You don’t have to be tethered to a tech job; having coding on your resume can make it easier for you to stand out in non-tech industries that rely on coding, such as marketing, content creation, public relations, and management.

Coding helps you keep up with the rapidly changing times

The pace of technology change is so fast that even if you’re not working directly with code, it can still be important to understand how things like programming and algorithms work.

As the complexity starts increasing for web technologies many use today, coding skills will become imperative for anyone looking to have a career in the online world. It can be frustrating to try and keep up with major developments in the industry if you don’t have some idea of how coding works under the hood.

Learning to code gives you a framework to keep up with new technology and understand how it works so you can keep up with the changing times.

Being able to code is something that will always be an asset no matter what your job entails and it’s becoming more and more of a necessity for many careers. Having some exposure to coding can give you the knowledge necessary for working with people who are much more tech-inclined than you are, as well as opening up a world of possibilities for your career.

So if you’re looking for a way to make yourself more valuable, either at your current job or when you look for a new one, then learning how to code might be the answer.

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Chatty Garrate
Chatty Garrate
Chatty is a freelance writer from Manila. She finds joy in inspiring and educating others through writing. That's why aside from her job as a language evaluator for local and international students, she spends her leisure time writing about various topics such as lifestyle, technology, and business.


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