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The Guide to Buying Pedicure Chairs

HomeStoriesThe Guide to Buying Pedicure Chairs

With time, the continuous research on the beauty industry helps to reflect the significant changes. After the pandemic waves, it is time to re-enter into the new normal phase to obtain specific makeovers. At the beginning of 2021, it is time to initiate the moves to revive the lost glamour. Undoubtedly, a salon is a place to vacate and nourish yourself.

If you are a salon owner, include pedicure services in your portfolio to improve your sales. However, you will need the right equipment essential to offer these services. From pedicure chairs to other equipment, you need to find them from the right distributor or vendor.

Invest For the Current Themes

For lifting the pedicure station, it is vital to shop for modern pedicure thrones. Portable pedicure providers are open to pushing their business interests. A piece of useful advice is to pick the hydraulic chair for a salon.

Can you afford a costly beauty salon chair for your salon? For the best selection, it is vital to find a place either to rent or to buy.

Most salon owners come across the question of how to find the best equipment. The simple answer to the question is to map out the workflow of the salon. Some other determining factors are client needs, priorities, and salon’s style.

Once a salon owner has multiple options, it might confuse him/her. Shortlisting different types of pedicure chairs must be done to choose the best one. Ensure that you pick the chairs that are comfortable, convenient, and functional.

What things you need to keep in mind while purchasing spa pedicure chairs? We have discussed a complete guide to help you choose the best ones. However, it is recommended that you consult an expert before you make a decision.

Consider the Guidelines

To select the best pedicure chairs, list down the standard features and designs of chairs. Whether it is a private spa or a professionally run beauty spa, affordability for a spa chair for a pedicure is a must. Go through this post and you will have a clear understanding of how to choose the best spa pedicure chairs.

Eye Into The Major Types

There are two major types of chairs- Piped-in chairs and pipe-less chairs. None of the salon stylists want to lose the time in cleaning the pipes featured inside and outside the chair. Nail technicians take the responsibility of providing a safe and hygienic environment. For avoiding the hassles of cleaning the pipes, stylists prefer to pour water manually in the pipe-less chairs.

The piped-in chairs are steadily going out of preference. They are preferred more as they don’t allow deposition of bacteria and fungi.

Now, let’s discuss some of the features of the modern pedicure chairs.

Treat Clients Most Comfortably

Clients walk in to your parlour with one simple expectation- comfort. Yes, comfort must be the main objective when it comes to choosing pedicure chairs. Spa centers should have a combination of chairs comprising base model chairs. They should have the provision to suffice the needs of tall clients comfortably.

Conducting a pedicure is a long process. So entertaining clients is a need. During the procedure, clients can enjoy the excellent taste of coffee and flip over magazines. Thus, some of the nail stylists choose chairs designed with magazine racks and cup holders.

Next, drawer space proves to be fruitful in storing various supplies.

Often music lovers come to the treatment centers. So to match their interest, chairs well designed with iPod ports and Bluetooth speakers are chosen. They can comfortably enjoy their favorite tunes. Added to it, individuals look for chairs with swivel and recline.

Shop the Premium Chairs

Is there any particular yardstick to measure the quality of the chair? Purchase of a high-quality pedicure chair will answer. For paying high, it is good to choose the brand. Here, the brand reputation speaks volumes. So, within the industry. Individuals need to search for exceptional products.

Before purchase, it is essential to contact the manufacturers. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the owners to seek replacement parts. Good upkeep and maintenance are key factors. Shopping for the chairs is a need to replace the required details. The main objective behind it is to spend less and go for the right investment.

Niche to Afford the Right Foot Care

There are chairs accompanied by jets in the bowl. Next, it helps in rendering the most effective water-based foot massage. Understanding the client’s choice is essential. So with a shift in budgeting, it is wise to manage the business deals.

Many clients want to have a soothing foot massage. Therefore, luxurious pedicure regimes are a top deal. Clients have varied opinions ranging from lever based to a remote control adjustment. Along with it, every customer wants to have the cushion padded chairs.

Final Words

There are endless options in adding the right type of chairs to a salon. So prioritize the budgets for having the unparalleled matched chair. Prioritizing the individual needs is a thing to do. So carefully choose the chair type and increase the revenue. Without further delay, there are choices to make in purchasing the right equipment.

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Paul Matthes
My name is Paul Matthes working as an Salon Interior Designer consultant at PJS Beauty Salon Equipments. We are a small business with 8 Employees. I like to share my thoughts on Salon Equipment. Check here.


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