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ESCAPE ROOM? Is it Real or just a Fantasy?

HomeInsightsESCAPE ROOM? Is it Real or just a Fantasy?

Escape Room is a game where there will have many rooms with different themes where you can go with your family, friends, or colleagues. Every room has its unique theme. Here you have to choose one of the rooms which you want to play in. By choosing the room you accept the challenge. As you enter the room you feel like you have entered a new world and you don’t feel like it is a game that you are playing. It feels like you’re really into a different world and you had to somehow solve the puzzles and get out of the room.

 Here you have to choose your adventures and challenges to play-it may be stealing art or evidence, escaping from the prison or zombie, and getting out from the room. Here all you have to do is find the clues and solve the puzzles and complete the task. While playing this game with your family or friends it increases the bonding and you can have fun together where you can spend time with your family and friends.

If you’re going with your colleagues and playing it will build trust towards each other. Even the bonding and friendship relationship will increase. Not only this it will also teach you how to handle your stress working in a team and how to complete the task with the due date when you’re working in a team. If you’re stuck with your clues there are staffs that will help you to find them and guide you in the right direction. They will be watching you through cameras and guide you through microphones.

Zombie Escape Room

This is an adventure and thriller escape room where you and your friends will be locked in a room to find the clues and to solve the puzzle while doing this. The zombie will come out and try to scare you and stop you from finding the clues. If it catches, you will be out of the game.

Breakout Escape Room

in Breakout escape room there is a theme named Kohinoor, where you have to find the clues to solve the puzzle so that you can bring the Kohinoor. In this task, you have to complete it within a given time limit. 

Escape from Prison

It is a theme where you will be locked in prison before anyone comes and sees you escaping. You have to solve the puzzles and get out of prison if you fail to do you will have to remain in the prison for a longer time.

Escapism Jungle Ransom

In this, the theme is very good and impressive where the rooms are set in a way as if it is a real jungle where the clues are very creative and challenging. There are twists where you and your friends have to find the clues and solve the puzzle to complete the task.

There are even more escape rooms with adventure and thrillers, where there will be a different theme and storyline for each of the rooms. There will be created and challenges and you will have to choose the room and be ready to accept and face the challenge and complete the task. 

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