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Must-Have Indian Art Prints for Home Décor

HomeStoriesMust-Have Indian Art Prints for Home Décor

In the art world, different artworks have a different meaning and each color and pattern carries a unique significance. When you opt to buy Indian art painting, there are different famous prints that you can add to your ‘buying’ list.

Indian artworks are a mesmerizing depiction of India’s cultural heritage and mythological representations. The deep-rooted Indian history from the Mughal era to the remarkable Madhubani artworks is all alluringly represented in Indian artworks that are an epitome of unique styles. The tradition-inspired theme of Indian artworks attracts more buyers, as more people today are interested in giving a traditional touch to their décor statements.

From the Gupta to the medieval period, Indian art and sculptures have always wooed people. Even art scholars from around the world have praised Indian artworks and have shown interest in buying them. Are you one of those who love to have a unique taste of culture into the home décor? We have some famous Indian art prints that you must have in your collection.

Madhubani Painting

Love folk art forms? Happily, Madhubani/Mithila art is a folk art style from Bihar that visualizes Indian mythologies, Hindu god/goddess, and royal court scenes. This tradition-inspired décor style carries vivid colors and can help add a splash of colors to your home décor.

Madhubani art is such a style that is the best to enliven the most mundane of rooms exquisitely. So, if you want a colorful vibe for a dull room, Madhubani art’s traditional patterns will surely give your space an instant makeover.

With this versatile art medium, you not only bring an attractive art print home but have some great traditional values preserved for a lifetime!

Indian Art Print – Mughal Painting

Dating back to the 16th century, Mughal art forms depict Mughal motifs of battles, hunting scenes, wildlife, portraits, court scenes, etc. If you want a fancy and antique design for its contemporary home, Mughal artworks will never dishearten you.

Known as a free-flowing artwork, this art medium carries the beauty of Indian, Persian, and Islamic cultures. Different from other painting styles, Mughal prints depict the grandeur and splendor of the iconic Mughal era.

Everything in Mughal art is termed grand, so infuse Mughal paintings into your home to transform the look of your simple furniture designs dramatically. Earlier the Mughal prints had bulky designs, but today, several contemporary homes are adopting the artwork for its modern transition.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your home a royal touch with Mughal paintings!

Indian art Print – Tribal Paintings

India has always been rich in art and architecture, and Indian tribal art will help your home reflect primitive values with its tribal aesthetic. Rich in symbolic aspects, Tribal arts are inspired by the daily life schedules of the ethnic groups.

Portraying scenes of hunting, farming, marriage, worship, and festivities, this beautiful art form can adorn traditional as well as modern home walls mesmerizingly. If you want a perfect décor statement that matches tribal art, bohemian furnishings, and décor suit the best.

If you do not have one in your home, do not hesitate in buying tribal art, as it fits in other décor styles too.

Traditional Indian Pattern Paintings

Traditional Indian art prints are again the must-have ones when you are looking for traditional art. Been around for ages, traditional Indian prints highlight the richness of geometrical shapes that are inherited from paisley, henna designs, block prints, etc. used in India for ages.

With vibrant colors, traditional Indian art designs are pleasing to the eye and have a story in every artwork. Mostly representing fertility and good luck, this art form can rejuvenate your homes’ ambiance with positivity.

Go for placing a large print in the walkways or the living room against a plain wall backdrop. Contrarily, you can use different traditional Indian prints to work as a gallery wall décor statement or displaying some against the furniture.

Indian Abstract Art

Started flourishing in the 1970s, Indian abstract art depicts the story of contemporary society and nature. Since abstract artworks are synonyms for contemporary art, the art form is mostly adorned on the walls of modern and minimalistic home styles.

Beautifully depicting shapes, forms, and textures abstract artworks create a sound composition beautifying the home décor. Re-defining the beauty of an era displayed in the painting, Indian abstract art has a long-lasting effect. If you are planning to buy Indian art, Indian abstract artworks are the ones that will never disappoint you when decorating a room with traditional touch or for a contemporary home.

Wrap Up

Traditional Indian paintings talk about India’s vivid history and help conserve the country’s cultural heritage. Even in today’s modern epoch where many people feel that traditional prints may not receive the same value again, more buyers seem interested in buying such artworks and decorating their homes with a modern touch.

Want to explore an exquisite collection of Indian traditional art prints? You can reach out to online art galleries like IndianArtIdeas and Fizdi to get an expansive collection.

So, grab your cup of coffee and start exploring!

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