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Mistakes to avoid when moving your business

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Is your lease coming to an end, or do you want to relocate to a new office space? Relocating an office isn’t as easy as it seems! You will need to plan ahead of time to ensure that everything runs well and with minimal inconvenience to your business. To help you out, we have made a list of the most crucial mistakes to avoid when moving your business.

Don’t forget to properly organize your move

Begin organizing your move as soon as possible. Your budget, timeline, and checklist are three essential items to properly organize your move. Moving without a budget might be terrible since you may easily go over budget, which can be very bad. Moreover, creating a timeline will keep you on track and prevent you from exceeding the expected workplace downtime. Remember, the more downtime there is, the less income there is for the business! Also, establish an office moving items checklist to ensure that nothing is left behind. You should decide whether you will be hiring a moving company or if you will try to do it yourself. There are many advantages of hiring movers, but that might not be necessary for smaller businesses. You should consult professionals if you don’t think you can make the right decision yourself.

Don’t move everything into your new office

Are you relocating to smaller office space, or will the new office be fully furnished? Now is an excellent time to tidy. Donate any unused furniture to schools or non-profit organizations that would appreciate it or resell it to other small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Not only will this help your company make some fast cash, but with less stuff to transport, you’ll save money on moving charges!

Moving your business requires proper packing

Investing in proper packaging materials is a must, and this is not something you should skimp on. Purchase a variety of cardboard boxes in various sizes, as well as an abundance of bubble wrap! Don’t forget to include packaging tape and marking pencils. Place minor office things like files, stationery, and ornaments in appropriate-sized boxes for convenient transportation, and always cover the furniture in bubble wrap and wrapping film to keep everything well-padded and dust-free. Label the things so that the movers know where to put them, saving you and your team the trouble of moving the heavy goods later!

Don’t forget to inform your providers and your clients

Remember to notify your clients and providers about your anticipated transfer. It will ensure they know that you are still in business and where they can find you! Calling them is a simple method to notify them, but you could also send them an e-mail or text message. Make sure to post announcements on your website and social media platforms as well. A note posted on the front door and reception counter is also an excellent way to inform walk-in clients.

Don’t try to save money on professional moving services

Trying to save money on moving expenses is a bad idea because your employees are untrained with lifting heavy objects and may hurt themselves by injuring their backs. You might face legal consequences! If this occurs, you may be required to pay a large sum of money for medical costs or compensation. Furthermore, if your office furniture is not handled professionally by qualified professionals, you risk harming it beyond repair! Experts from Zippy Shell Louisiana told us that the risks implied when moving are exponentially reduced when you hire professional movers instead of DIYing the relocation. This is one of the common mistakes to avoid when moving your business.

Don’t underestimate the involved risks when moving your business

When some people consider the risks of relocating, they immediately think of broken furniture and computers. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The hidden risks of relocating a business are significantly greater. These risks include the loss of your personal data, possible liability in the case of an accident or unscheduled downtime, and unanticipated losses if the mover does not have the insurance and financial resources to safeguard you. Collaborate with your mover so that both of you are aware of your duties and potential dangers.

Don’t overpay for your movers

Nowadays, every business must do more with fewer resources. There is a wide range of services available while moving, such as space planning and IT support. If you pay for these services separately, your moving prices might double, especially in the case of commercial moving. Many of these services can be offered by an experienced professional mover at little or no additional expense. It is essential to have someone you can trust by your side while you are in your moving process. Trust is crucial since your movers will be handling most of your items.

Don’t forget that all eyes are on you

Managing a relocation is a significant responsibility that may either benefit or harm your career. Consider the repercussions of your performance. It influences your coworkers, supervisors, and top management. Even the smallest office relocation has an impact on everyone in your business. Hiring a good moving company can minimize this risk. Choose a reliable partner who asks the appropriate questions and understands what to look for to assist you in avoiding mistakes and minimizing risks. 

Don’t overlook small but important details

When it comes to company relocations, small details could have significant repercussions. Will your furniture fit in the new space? Do you require any additional protection because you are transporting confidential files? Have you reserved the elevators? Is the building of your new workplace finished? Pay attention to details and check everything twice, even the most minor things.

In conclusion

There are many mistakes to avoid when moving your business, and after this article, you should be all set. Moving can be stressful, so do not forget to take a small break from time to time, so you don’t burn out. If you manage not to make any mistakes, the move will be a breeze.

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