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Find The Best Student Accommodation in Barcelona

HomeEducationalFind The Best Student Accommodation in Barcelona

Home to the world’s most famous football club, Barcelona is a land of opportunities. It is the best place to be for future entrepreneurs and those interested in start-up organizations. The city’s eclectic culture, delicious food, and exotic beaches make it a favorite study abroad destination. 

After receiving your acceptance letter from a Barcelona university, it is time to begin your hunt for accommodation. The perfect student accommodation Barcelona will help you explore this friendly metropolis to the fullest. Today’s article will take you through some tips on how to find a student home that best suits your needs and requirements. 


A few years at a university in Barcelona will prove beneficial for you in terms of education, culture, and language. But to avail of all these perks, it is crucial to settle at a student home that will offer you the very best of the city. Before finalizing on a particular accommodation, be sure to consider the following points: 

  • Location – The foremost priority while choosing student accommodation Barcelona should be the location. Paseo de Gracia and Diagonal are the two most important streets of the city. They are located near all the major universities, shops, restaurants, bus and metro stations. An accommodation that is located in and around these streets can be beneficial for students. 
  • Communication – Barcelona has an excellent transport system. It’s extensive network of buses, rails and metros make daily commuting a hassle free process. Barcelona can also be explored on foot or on bicycles through its lively roads. Student accommodation Barcelona that is located close to major transit spots  should be on top of your list. 
  • Amenities – Barcelona is home to reputed institutions like the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona among others. To make the best of your classes at such prestigious universities, it is necessary to find a comfortable student accommodation Barcelona. All good student homes offer amenities, from furnished rooms to plush common lounges. Make sure you check all the facilities offered before settling into one.


Now that you know the basics of choosing a student accommodation, it is time to dive a little deeper into the types of rooms. It is important you select a student accommodation Barcelona that suits your lifestyle. Not everyone likes socializing. In such cases choose accommodations with enough private spaces. Student homes in this Spanish city can be broadly divided into the following categories: 

  • Single Rooms: Student accommodation Barcelona offers a wide range of single rooms to fit every budget. 
  • Individual Studios – Individual Studios are perfect for the lone wolves who value privacy above all. Such rooms come with a single bed, wardrobe and other storage facilities. In most cases, residents of single rooms have to use shared bathrooms and kitchens. 
  • Studio – Studios are slightly larger than individual rooms offering ample space for the student. Most studios have double beds and spacious study desks and chairs. Some student accommodation Barcelona even have comfortable bean bags in the studio. 
  • Luxury/Premium Studios – Premium studios are the epitome of luxury. They are often equipped with a double bed, additional sitting arrangements like beanbags, entertainment units like TV and a private bathroom and shower. 
  • Shared Rooms: Shared rooms are perfect for those who love to live with the company. Despite being shared, these rooms have enough space so neither of the students feels uncomfortable. 
  • Twin Studio – Twin studios offer a cozy yet spacious room for two students. They come with high quality beds, individual study tables and shared bathroom and shower. 
  • Double Studio – Double studios are slightly more luxurious. They are often equipped with fully furnished kitchens, bathrooms and sometimes even a shared terrace. 

Student life in Barcelona might be some of the best years of your life. From gothic architecture to coastal cuisine, thriving music events to literary fests, Barcelona offers an enriching experience like no other. With the perfect student accommodation Barcelona, you will step into a world of culture and opportunities for a bright future.

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