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The World’s Most Successful Companies’ Top Four Innovation Culture Best Practices

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After the economic shockwaves of 2020, three-quarters of corporations have prioritised innovation as one of the top three priorities for 2021. However, according to its most recent study on business innovation, only 20% of companies are fully prepared to offer the innovations they believe are critical to their success. Through innovation, businesses strive for continuous improvement and are on the lookout for new opportunities, resulting in success. Most companies prioritise innovation, but few of them have the tools, procedures, or skills to implement it.

The fact that Amazon, SpaceX, Apple, and Salesforce are all better innovators than their competitors is no accident. Firms like these have innovation woven into their architecture and as an integral part of their ethos.

The culture of innovation encourages the use of information to extract economic and social value, which results in new or better products, services, or processes.

Four Best Practices in Innovation Culture

  • Apple

The pursuit of perfection is what Apple is all about.

Apple’s success can be ascribed to its innovative mindset. The organization not only improves old items, but also develops innovative inventions. The iPhone, Apple’s most successful device, was built by integrating the iPod and iTunes with a phone and camera to produce a product unlike anything else on the market at the time, completely altering the industry.

All internal procedures must run smoothly in order to make incremental changes to a product. Steve Jobs worked on hardware design, software, operating systems, online services, consumer electronics, and retail throughout his career, always doing so flawlessly, even when the industry he worked in disregarded his ideas. Apple, unlike every other corporation, outsourced its manufacturing in order to fragment and spread it.

Under Jobs, employees were given the opportunity to simplify and optimise their work procedures, recognising the need to work together as tightly linked divisions if a seamless supply chain is to be developed. The keys to developing an innovative culture were easy collaboration and efficient internal processes.

  • Amazon – Encouraging employees to innovate.

The biggest online selling platform, Amazon, has made online shopping better

How did Amazon become the best?

Amazon has been voted one of the greatest places to work for innovators because it encourages every employee to innovate. PRFAQ is a framework for submitting ideas that the company employs to foster an innovative culture. A press release defines a product’s goal at launch and is followed by a FAQ that covers user advantages and addresses theoretical issues. The ideas are not only assessed on a regular basis, but they are also shared with others within the firm. After that, a fully constructed and accepted project may be funded and launched. Many of Amazon’s most lucrative products, such as Prime Now, Amazon Go, and Alexa, were developed using this method.

  • Tesla and SpaceX

Recognizing and rewarding every innovative idea.

Innovation is the most positively discussed value at both organisations among those in the top ranking in the Innovation category. At SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, the CEO, understands that employee innovation is just as important to the company as it is to success. Previously, Musk stated that Musk actively encourages and incentivizes innovative thinking, stating, “The incentive structure has been set up so innovation is rewarded, but failure to innovate carries a big penalty.”

To create a successful innovation program, take inspiration from Musk and reward employees for their innovative thinking. Creating an incentive programme that encourages employees to share ideas and rewards them will go a long way toward establishing a culture of innovation at your organization. Incentive programmes need not necessarily be financial in nature.

  • Salesforce

Salesforce is a well-known innovator, and their unique strategy has helped them become one of the most successful corporations in the world. They aggressively seek out new tech businesses and start-ups to include into their present products, rather than building new technology to fulfil the demands of their clients. Gartner classified them as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center in 2020, indicating that their strategy has paid off.

Clearly, Salesforce’s entire innovation strategy is the company’s most formidable asset, and it epitomizes the company’s culture. Their acquisition strategy and their employees’ work practices are informed by their customers’ needs. 

Salesforce’s innovation culture is centred on understanding customers’ requirements and applying innovation to address those demands. Customers should be at the centre of every choice made by any company that wishes to develop. Once you properly grasp new technologies and services, you’ll be able to detect them simply and stay ahead of your rivals. 

Embed innovation culture in your organization

Innovative investments can help your company succeed, but true innovation requires a culture of creativity that your employees can live by every day.

It’s critical to see these creative cultural best practises as a way to ensure that your business, regardless of the competitors, will reach new heights by assuring a valued and engaged workforce! 

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