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Top Five Task Management Tools to Boost Overall Productivity

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A project is a combination of different tasks and sub-tasks. Starting with the development of an idea, you need to plan, track, test, monitor, and report all the project-related tasks over the period. Here task management tools come in handy for project team leaders to complete the project efficiently and in the most effective way possible.

Task management can be defined as a process of handling the entire life-cycle of a project, right from its planning to its tracking and execution. It helps teams track tasks from the beginning, prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and assign tasks to suitable people. It ensures projects stay on track and its completion within a defined timeline.

If you are looking for the best task management software to increase productivity at work, there are a few good options available in the market.  

Task Management Tools to Ensure Better Productivity 

Task management tools can address the requirements of project managers. Furthermore, it can eliminate the possibility of missing deadlines and overshooting budgets. Other than this, a task management solution can enable you to plan, organize, and prioritize tasks to finish them within the defined time limit.

So, if you have landed a role where managing tasks for yourself and others is your prime responsibility, then a task management app is the best choice for you. Here are some prominent task management software that can assist you to increase the overall productivity of your employees – 

1. Asana

Asana is a cloud-based task management solution that can assist project managers to organize the tasks of their team members and keep a tab on them. Moreover, it can easily fit into your organization’s processes and workflows.

Asana offers multiple features to project managers like a centralized dashboard, forms, task management, team workload management, timelines, etc. Moreover, it offers different plans to the users like business, premium, and enterprise.     

2. Any.Do

Any.Do is a task management app that can facilitate you to organize your tasks, sub-tasks, and projects with ease. Moreover, managers can sync it across their devices to track the progress of their tasks in real-time. In addition to this, Any.Do can help project team leaders to track the progress of their team members, set up recurring tasks, access different themes, activate WhatsApp reminders, etc.

Apart from this, Any.Do can enable you to organize task lists with color tagging and add relevant notes to them. Also, you can share your lists with the members of your team and assign them tasks accordingly. Moreover, you can set due dates and assign the same to your project workflows.

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3. TaskOPad

TaskOPad is a robust task management solution that can enable project managers to ensure that their projects can be completed within the pre-decided timeline. It offers multiple features to its users like Kanban Board, task management, multiple timesheets, reporting feature, mobile access, etc. 

TaskOPad task management software can facilitate project managers to take corrective measures including assigning these tasks to the team members having minimal tasks to achieve timely completion of the project. Additionally, it can assist employees in easily sharing important attachments and documents while working remotely. Overall, TaskOPad boosts the overall productivity of an organization by making everything seamless for them.       

4. Google Tasks

Google Tasks is one of the most popular task management tool that is used to manage the productivity of project teams. It can help you organize ‘to-do lists’ to increase the accountability of your team members. Moreover, Google Tasks contains a Gmail integration that can enable project management professionals to drag and drop various tasks and convert them into simplified to-do lists.

In addition to this, Google Tasks can assist its users to create various projects, adding notes, assigning dates, and adding multiple sub-tasks. What’s more, Google Tasks can make it easier for you to set a particular date and time to receive important reminders and notifications. Furthermore, it allows you to sync your essential tasks with Google calendars as well.

5. GanttPro

GanttPro can enable managers to visualize every single aspect of their project by using a Gantt chart. Moreover, it can let you combine the Gantt chart with task management tools as well. You can use it to split your project into different tasks and sub-tasks.

Other than this, GanttPro can facilitate you to optimize your workflows, set due dates, and manage task dependencies more effectively. Overall, it is a visual solution for managers to improve their project planning.      

Concluding Lines

Project management tools can make the project handling seamless for managers. On one hand, simple projects require nothing more than a checklist, on the other hand complex ones require proper planning, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, ensure that everyone sticks to them, and tracking the time spent.

Here choosing a right technology can help you save a lot of time. And help you do your job more efficiently and cost-effectively. If you are looking for a solution to make task management easier, there a lot of good options that are enlisted in this blog. You just need to consider your organizational requirements to make a proper decision.

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