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    The second step after obtaining Canadian PR is to get the title of a Canadian citizen as it is attached with a lot of advantages. This is why the majority of Canadian PRs try to accomplish the goal of gaining Canadian citizenship. Let’s have a look over the benefits of Canadian citizenship.

    Keeping the reasons like safety and prestige given to its citizens, there are other numerous advantages connected to being a citizen of Canada which are not entertained to a permanent resident of Canada.

    Eligibility for Applying for Canadian Citizenship  

    • The applicant must have obtained the title of Canadian permanent residency
    • The stay of the resident should be for 3 years out of 5 years of the stay. 
    • Should have paid all the previous taxes  
    • Need to clear the citizenship test  
    • The applicant needs to show their proficiency level in English and French 

    Things to avoid while applying for Canadian citizenship  

    • Having a criminal charge/background in Canada or outside the country.  
    • Not maintaining decent terms while being a permanent resident.  
    • Getting an order to exit the country.  
    • The application for Canadian citizenship has been canceled.  

    Procedure to apply for Canadian citizenship  

    • Filing the application- the process of getting Canadian Citizenship starts with filing the application for the same. The form is available online and the version posted after October 2017 requires to be filled. All the required documents and necessary information need to be considered.  
    • Payment of application fees- the fees depend on the age of the applicant. If the applicant is above or below 18. The applicant has to make a payment for both processing and citizenship fees. Candidates filling in more than 1 application can pay the fees altogether.  
    • Application submission- the applicant must be clearing all required eligibility criteria of Canadian citizenship a day before he/she signs the application. 

    Canadian Citizenship Test 

    This test is taken by the approved applicants to enquire about the level of awareness regarding the economy, governance, history, etc. of the country. This 30-minute test is conducted both in English and French languages. Candidates successfully passing this exam are then further called for the interview and are provided with the dates of the citizenship ceremony. While candidates not passing the test but matching the other eligibility criteria of citizenship are provided with another chance of taking the test. Failed candidates are given 3 chances to clear the test.  

    Some More Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

    • Does not require renewal

    The maximum validity offered by a Canadian PR is 5 years. And in order to obtain Canadian citizenship, the applicant has to have a physical presence in the country for at least 1,095 within 5 years spent in the country. 

    This is where the applicant does not need to apply for renewals as the status of citizenship has infinite validity. 

    • Enormous Job Opportunities 

    Citizens of Canada have access to more job opportunities that are not given to permanent residents of Canada.  

    Also, the citizens are only offered jobs in the public and private sectors that demand security clearance. 

    • Safety against retaining the status  

    The permanent residents can be asked to move to their country irrespective of their stay in the country.  

    Although the status of citizenship can also be canceled under certain conditions like performing any act of fraud, bogus representation, disobeying any human or international laws, or involvement in the crime. 

    • Voting Rights  

    Citizens of Canada have the right to take part in the voting process. Also, they can stand for representation of important challenges of the people of Canada. 

    • Access to passport  

    The citizens of Canada can acquire a Canadian passport because of which many nations can let them enter their countries without the need for a Visa. 

    The country also gives the opportunity for Dual citizenship. If the birth country of the applicant permits the concept of Dual citizenship, then the applicant can hold 2 passports.  

    And if the country does not permit the concept of Dual citizenship, then it’s the decision of the applicant to choose between the two passports. 


    The Statistics Canada found out that 86% of PRs transition into citizens of Canada. Whereas the rate of citizenship has declined in the past few years.

    Transitioning to a Canadian citizen is both advantageous to the country as well as to the resident. As it encourages the resident to participate in voting practices, representation in politics, and enhancing the economy. Hope you have liked this post about the benefits of Canadian citizenship.

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