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Bodybuilding has become part of life

HomeWellnessBodybuilding has become part of life

Bodybuilding has become part of life. And I am one of them who have placed fitness on top of the list in priority. I am a fitness model and my 24*7 work is to keep myself healthy for a better physique. During this journey, I have learned about many do’s and don’ts for fitness what I would like to share with you.

I experienced the impact of disciplined workout is much more effective than a random one. Disciplined in terms of regular workout, time duration, diet plan, and supplementation. I will share each factor individually that you can get a better idea about routine execution.

What kinds of exercise I do?

I prefer athletic workout over general bodybuilding. Like I do Dead-lift, Squats, plank, Hands clean, muscle up etc. These are the exercise which is very impactful for building strength and stamina. An intense without using any machinery equipment’s is much effective than another one. That’s what I think. At the same time, you need a good amount of diet as well, because these workouts utilize calorie rapidly and demand a good amount of quality nutrition frequently.

What are the supplements I prefer?

Apart from the daily meal I use three supplements to keep myself up to the mark. To maintain my calorie and protein deficit I use ISO Legend or Whey Stack, For Amino and vitamins, I prefer Prime BCAA 2:1:1 and Vitaflex Multivitamin respectively. These three are the best set of nutrition I could find for now for all sports and fitness lover.  I would definitely suggest people to try these products if you haven’t tried yet.

What is my favorite brand for nutrition?

Initially, I was inclined towards Optimum Nutrition (ON) but after getting back to back fake products I gave a try of a supplement from Greenex Nutrition, as I was getting good reviews from my mate. And here you go, I never looked back from then. I only prefer the supplement from Greenex Nutrition’s even I suggest other as well. I like this brand for three main reasons.  Great quality, Affordable range, and Authenticity guaranteed. Because they provide a unique code to validate your products authenticity, infect you get the cash back on your every order.

I hope you find this post helpful. If yes, then please share with others for goodwill.

Thank you.

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