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Ways to Improve Your WooCommerce Subscription Site

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Is your business subscription-based and your offer subscriptions to customers on your WooCommerce store? It won’t be easy to get subscribers for your site until it has the zeal to attract customers. 

Remember that shoppers take longer than usual to decide whether they are willing to spend money. So, if you are aiming to lower the path of acquisition, you need to improve the homepage drastically. Get WooCommerce developers for hire to ensure that you are walking a step ahead to convince the subscribers to sign up quickly. After all, the homepage is what the potential subscribers will view first, so you need to make it compelling and interesting. 

Below are mentioned some of the best practices that developers need to customize for you to get a decent following of customers. 

1. Display your products 

You may be keen to convince your subscribers to purchase your products but fail to display your offerings adequately or in a way to make them feel interested in the subscription. If you fail to show the potential customers why your products are worth buying, they would not subscribe. So, here is how you need to display the products.

  • Try to display clear and large photos of the products you are planning to offer for subscription. 
  • If you do not have photographs to show, let them know the value of subscribing to your site so that they are aware of what they need to get into. 
  • Try to provide the value that each of your items is going to offer to customers.

2. Create a workflow for choosing the products

No matter what your site sells, discuss with WooCommerce development services about creating a page that would guide the customers to subscribe. It is more of a custom development that only experts can match to suit your requirements. 

3. Upsells on one-time purchase products

You may try hard to get new subscribers or customers but that does not mean that you forget to nurture the existing customers. To make sure that your existing customers stay on your site, you need to add discounts to convince them to subscribe.

4. List the benefits of subscription clearly

There is no looking here and there when listing the benefits of a subscription. Just do your best to convince the prospects. That is when you need to focus on the homepage again. Your prospects would love to get a clear view of the prospects like the cost-effectiveness of the product or whether it would help them get their hands on something exclusive. When convincing your prospects to subscribe, try to create a blend of images and texts.

5. Placing the subscription dashboard

Do not make the customers click on several pages for your customers to reach the subscription page. If you are planning to hire dedicated WooCommerce developers, ask them to change the design of the MyAccount page for your customers to focus on what they need to get. Moreover, you need to allow customers to go on adding items to which they need to subscribe without having to move through the checkout. When hiring a dedicated developer for improving the homepage of your site, Digital Concepts would be the company you can rely on to leverage the expertise of developers. 

6. Pricing on the homepage

For the visitors to subscribe to your site, pricing is one of the commonest elements you need to check. You must not turn away potential subscribers by listing the pricing on a page where the customer needs to try hard to get the exact information. The potential customers are not likely to stay on your site beyond a few seconds. 

That is why you need to have your prices listed on the homepage as the customers may leave the site when they feel frustrated while searching for subscriptions at first or to know the prices. If you do not want them to abandon the subscription, get the developer of your offshore web development company to place the pricing appropriately so that the customers need not try hard to get the information.

7. Provide information about the schedule of subscriptions

Along with the pricing details, do not forget to mention how often you offer subscriptions. Customers often assume that a subscription is a monthly deal, although you might be offering them only twice a year or once within six months. 

8. Integrate payment gateways

To accept payments for your subscriptions, you need to rely on payment gateways that integrate with WooCommerce and support repetitive payments. Each gateway comes with different features like subscription reactivation, cancellation, multiple subscriptions, and payment method changes. Find out which feature you are keen to offer on your website. 

If you want a smooth experience for your customers to subscribe to your WooCommerce site, try to make the home page design perfect. That way, your customers will have a more fulfilling experience and you can impress them with the subscriptions as well. 

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Mitali Purkait Ghosh
Mitali Purkait Ghosh
Mitali Purkait Ghosh is the co-founder and owner of Digital Concepts, an offshore web development company. She is a blogger as well and pens on WooCommerce development services. Trust her insights before you hire dedicated WooCommerce developers.


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