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Top 10 ways to be more productive

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Working harder need not say that you are productive. It depends on how you utilize your right skills at the right place at the right time.

How to be productive?

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Panchal C A
Panchal C A
Panchal C A is a native of Kerala in India. He has completed his B.Tech and MBA from Mahatma Gandhi university and Cochin university respectively. His hobbies include playing table tennis, reading books, and social networking.


    • Thank you Sarah Bean for the complement. Being productive is important in all walks of life, be it career, family or in the society.
      Hope it solves most of the problems. Keep Visiting for more.

  1. This is really helpful, Panchal! The tip that stands out the most to me is the first one – scheduling your day the night before! I also like what you said about being fully present in whatever you are doing…whether that is working or spending time with friends, family, doing fun things, etc. Thanks for passing along what you’ve learned! I’ve certainly got ample room for improvement 🙂


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