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The Features and the Benefits of Using the SMPP Application

HomeTechnologyThe Features and the Benefits of Using the SMPP Application

SMPP is taken as an industry standard when it comes to sending short text messages or SMSs to network providers. SMPP or Short Message Peer-to-Peer is basically a protocol that is effectively used by the industry for telecommunications for the exchange of SMS messages between external short messaging entities and short message service centers.

The SMPP Application is generally used by large organizations, businesses, and enterprises that require being in constant touch with their consumers regardless of where they are located in the world. There are more and more developers turning to the SMPP app mainly because it is fast, simple and reliable. It is built in a way that it perfectly integrates with any application or system.

Understanding the SMPP Protocol 

The SMPP aggregator allows the wireless operators to build, develop and manage robust SMPP messaging environments in the most cost-effective manner. The application offers developers with a very simple and effective XML API for dealing with SMSs. SMPP is a level-7 IP/TCP protocol allowing the faster and reliable delivery of short text messages to consumers across the world.

The most commonly used versions of this application include v3.3 and v3.4. Here, it is important to note that v3.3 is the most widely supported standard while v3.4 adds transceiver support which means single connections that can send and receive SMSs. In this context, it must also be noted that the exchange of data might be synchronous and each peer might have to wait for a response for every PDU being sent. It can even be asynchronous where several requests might be issued at one go and then acknowledged in skew order by the other peer.

Market Drivers

Business to business messages has gained huge popularity in recent times. They are considered one of the most effective channels of communication with family and friends. These can even be used for receiving relevant information. The SMPP application or protocol is the standard open messaging protocol specifically designed for simplifying the procedure of integrating data applications with different wireless mobile networks like CDMA, TDMA, and GSM.

The SMPP Aggregator is widely used in the field of mobile telecommunications. However, it is important to note that developers or operators must have full control of the applications using the SMPP network. It is only because of this reason that making use of the gateway platform is necessary when using an SMPP network.

The Advantages of Using the SMPP Application

One of the greatest advantages of the SMPP application is that it helps businesses and organizations in jump starting with their bulk SMS business on a very large scale and that too without putting in a lot of money in the form of investment. Using the application gives companies and industries the flexibility of shifting to a new vendor if they are not satisfied with the services of their SMS provider. This can be done within minutes and without going through the hassle of shifting the users from one panel to another. One of the greatest advantages of using this application is that you get to become the sole owner of your very own SMPP panel.

Main Features of the SMPP App

Some of the most exclusive features of the SMPP application are as follows

  • Client Management- Users can monitor their clients and resellers live.
  • Route Management- You get the flexibility of adding as many SMS providers as you desire and manage them all in one single panel.
  • Queue Monitor- Users can easily manage the SMS queue.
  • Approve Sender Identification- Everything starting from the approval of sender ID to rejection is completely in the hands of the users.
  • Bind Own SMPP Route- Users can bind their SMPP lines from other vendors as well.
  • Approve Templates- Users have the power to approve or reject templates.
  • Management of Spam Keywords- Either add or remove all spam keywords.
  • Price Management- Users get the scope of selling text messages on competitive rates.
  • Selling Aspects- There is absolutely no requirement of buying SMSs in bulk.


If you are in the look out of a highly flexible device that offers you the scope of sending out short text messages in bulk then you must definitely go for the SMPP application.

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