The Most Effective Uses of an SMPP Server Gateway

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    SMPP or Symmetric Multiprocessing is basically the processing of different programs by varied processors sharing a common memory and operating system. In tightly coupled or symmetric multiprocessing, the processors share the I/O data path or bus and the memory. A copy of the operating system takes care of all the different processors. An SMPP Server is also called a shared everything server and it does not generally exceed a count of 16 processors. SMPP servers are always considered better in comparison to the other servers especially when it comes to OTP or online transaction processing where the users access the same database but in a much simplified set of transactions.

    What is an SMPP Server?

    One of the most specific advantages of an SMPP server for online transaction processing is its ability to dynamically balancing the workload on the computers. Therefore, the server comes with the potential of serving more users at a very fast pace. For a vivid idea, SMP or symmetric multiprocessing can be defined in the form of a tightly assimilated multiprocessor server where the processors share the resources. It is the primary parallel structure used in servers and is highly functional and advantageous.

    Understanding the SMPP Server Gateway

    The SMPP server gateway is basically an IP or TCP based messaging service that can effectively be used for connecting peer to peer from almost any server for sending short text messages over a dependable connection with great availability. The gateway comes in the form of one of the most perfect solutions for the ones looking to sending high volumes of text messages to consumers on a monthly or regular basis. SMPP is a standard protocol that does not require any kind of programming. The SMPP software is readily available across the market. It is important for interested users to have a server that can be directly connected to an SMPP gateway. It is also important for the server to go through an SMPP test for ensuring that the protocols are customized perfectly from both the ends.

    Things that can be done with an SMPP Connection

    It is important to note that an SMPP connection perfectly supports Unicode, text, binary SMS, flash messaging and wap push. It also supports long text and concatenated messages. There is even support available for sending logos and ringtones through an SMPP server gateway. Apart from these advantages, other benefits include:

    • VCal and VCard support
    • Real-time and self-service delivery receipts and sending identification configuration
    • Unified messaging potential
    • The connection is platform independent
    • Help for two-way messaging
    • High availability to the consumers.

    Using an SMPP Server Gateway for High SMS Traffic

    There are a large number of companies these days that are advocating the use of an SMPP server gateway for a high volume of SMS traffic. SMS termination by way of an SMPP gateway needs one SMPP client at the application end for connecting with the remote SMPP gateway. There are a large number of SMPP gateway providers operating across the world. However, making the choice of the right provider might be a difficult endeavor. This is because each and every SMPP gateway provider has its very own unique terms and conditions.

    In this context, the monthly volume commitment comes as one of the most challenging terms. If you do not witness high traffic initially but still you are in the lookout of giving your consumers an improved experience in the form of faster deliveries then there is no other choice for you than to go for the best SMS aggregator possessing the ability to offer an SMPP gateway without any form of volume commitment.


    SMPP gateway providers are always focused on empowering the reseller and developer community. With their experience acquired over time, they offer ready-to-use SMPP gateway APIs to the resellers and the developers. They have technical teams that can help the clients with significant integration into their existing applications and they can best leverage their SMPP gateway.

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