Aanchal Iyer

Aanchal Iyer is the Digital Marketing Manager and a Content Strategist. She has an experience of 11+ years as a content consultant and along with Aanchal is actively involved in writing about the advancement of technologies in our everyday life.

Tea & Beverage : The Best Franchise Opportunity With Tea Trails India!

We Indians love our tea because it is much more than just a beverage for us. Drinking tea is an experience in and of...

Basics of Data Science and its Role in Your Business! : Basic Guide

Data Science is one of the latest ground-breaking gifts of technology. And businesses cannot seem to get enough of this revolutionary concept that can...

Indian Logistics market: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges! (Updated)

Logistics is often regarded as the main component of a country's economy since it provides cost-effective resources which are required by other industries. In India,...

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