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How to become a competitor to Gojek app?

HomeEducationalHow to become a competitor to Gojek app?

A decacorn that is flourishing in South East Asian countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. Started with just ride-hailing services and later saw the face of expansion by integrating 18 plus on-demand services. Immense response and increasing customers.

The success of Gojek is proof that people are accepting multi-service apps. This has intrigued many entrepreneurs to start a multi-service app-based business. Before Gojek expands, you can become its competitor by exploring the regions where it hasn’t. The reaction and feedback for multi-service apps is a hint (right out there) that people are open to accepting more players.

The number of people who wish to start up an app-based business is increasing. And for entrepreneurs who are wishing to launch a profitable business idea – multi-service platforms are here. With Gojek we are witnessing the luxury and comfort of having one app that can be used for all services like paying bills, delivery of grocery/food/alcohol, babysitting, home-cleaning services, etc.

How to start a business like Gojek?

For any on-demand business, developing an app is the first and foremost step. This step can be daunting and would require rigorous planning, execution, and trial & error. Nevertheless, there are clone app development companies who offer Gojek clone, which acts as a prototype and foundation to build a multi-service app. All they need from you is new ideas that will help your multi-service app be unique in the marketplace.

The demand for multi-service apps is pretty high, and a sophisticated app will help you gain identity and make a profit. However, you have to find the right audience or develop an app that suits your audience. Research on the current demands, culture, competitors, and create an app that is suitable. While integrating services ensure there are services that are commercial.

The Gojek clone that the reputed companies are offering is tried and tested and is flawless and fool proof. This is the most significant advantage for an entrepreneur financially. Instead of developing an app from the ground up, budding entrepreneurs can now use Gojek clone app. And the greatest part is yet to come. These companies offer highly customizable scripts, which make any kind of personalization possible.

Things to look for before finding the suitable clone app development company.

Check for the following:

Features of course! Features make the perfect app. Be precise with what you want and hire the developers who are pedantic. As there is more than one service offered, the features are more in number and change according to the different services.

Top 5 must-have features:

Live-geo tracking:

Users expect to be updated and want information regarding their order and where it is.

Schedule service:

This feature enables users to book the services priorly for a specific date and time.


In-app chat option acts as an accessible and secure medium to communicate with the user and the service provider.

Multiple payment gateways:

It helps the user to choose the portal that is convenient to use.

Create an account:

By creating a profile, the user can have all the details of the services availed/cancelled, payments, provide ratings and reviews, etc.


  • A white-labelled app
  • A scalable server
  • Multiple languages
  • App for service providers and users on native iOS and Android platforms
  • Web panel for service providers
  • Dashboard for the service provider
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Web panel for admin/billing/store/dispatcher
  • High customizability
  • Licensed source code etc.

The most used and demanded services have to be integrated and these services differ with the demographic. Based on your research and the results of it go ahead and choose the services that you deem is important to be included.

  • Payments of bills
  • Booking tickets
  • Food delivery
  • Delivery of alcohol/flowers/courier etc.
  • Medical needs
  • Ride-hailing services
  • Tutoring
  • Maintenance
  • Beauty services
  • Handyman services and much more

Now that you got to know everything about developing a multi-service app, all you have to do it get a tailor-made Gojek clone app.

All the best for your venture. You can get in touch with me if you want any support on the technical side.

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