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Here’s Why it is Okay to Not Like Yourself for These Things

HomeWellnessHere's Why it is Okay to Not Like Yourself for These Things

There are many instances that make people hate themselves. While we say self-hatred is not a healthy habit to cultivate, there are some reasons that show why it is okay to not like yourself. Suppose, when you are doing things for others but not for yourself, you are taking you for granted and that is something that you shouldn’t be doing. While the world around us is filled with people we love and care about, it is also imperative to care about oneself because you are always the first person you can go to.

You should always keep yourself first. Here are some of the reasons why it is okay to not like yourself when you do such things:

1. When you hurt someone who actually loves you

Hurting people in general is not a habit that anyone should cultivate in their lives but this is especially for people who love you. If your hurt them, you are doing wrong not just to them but to yourself also because somewhere down the line you will realise that when you tried to hurt them, you hurt yourself too.

2. When you scold a kid

As much as they irritate the hell out of some people they are also one of the sweetest creatures who will teach you complex life lessons in the simple things that you do with or for them. Never say anything without thinking and don’t scold them unless you have a legit reason and if you do scold a kid simply because you got impatient or uncomfortable with their curiosity or questioning, you should be hating yourself because you are not okay with the energy that they want to share with you.

3. When you don’t take care of yourself but take care of everyone else

While it is good to take care of people who love you and who you love, never forget yourself in taking care of others because if you cannot take care of yourself, how are people to expect that you can take care of them too? Self love is important, even before you start loving someone else.

4. When you over-stress for other people’s problems

It is saint to make people’s problems yours but you should not over do it because sometimes it makes you look like someone who is intrusive and other times it also spoils and disrupts the peace with which you should be living your life. So, yes, you are allowed to hate yourself if you put pressure on yourself and stress about silly things.

5. When you don’t share what is going on and bottle it up

This is one of the reasons you should actually be hating yourself. Never ever put yourself in a situation where you cannot open your mouth or share things with people. You should always let out everything that is bothering you. If you don’t find a person in front of whom you can do the same, it is always best to try anonymous posting site where you can vent anonymously.

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