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How Do DUI Defense Attorneys Win Cases For Drunk Drivers?

HomeEducationalHow Do DUI Defense Attorneys Win Cases For Drunk Drivers?

It becomes quite limited when it comes to defending the accused in a drunk drive case. However, it is firm to find out the faults of defendants when he is drunk and is suspected for the mishap. In the drunk and drive case defendant may seek the help of criminal defense lawyer Los Angeles, or DUI lawyers in Los Angeles. in order to save himself from being sentenced. But the real question is how do DUI defense attorneys win cases for drunk drivers? as that seems quite challenging and complicated.

How do DUI defense attorneys win cases for drunk drivers?

Well, it involves a lot of challenges and strategies in order to win the case. Defending in drunk driving is much more complex and complicated as numerous bias exists against the accused and it involves statements of professional witnesses who clearly know how to present the whole scenario, after all its a government case. And the whole situation makes it quite challenging for a DUI defense attorney.

Based on the experience lawyers follow their instinct to gain the inside information that could help to maximize the chance for them to succeed in a trial.

  • The experience and the inside knowledge involves:
  • What kind of reply should be given to the magistrate?
  • The basic knowledge and formula to be thorough before the court.
  • Timeline to be followed
  • What kind of questions should be asked to the witnesses?
  • What measures to be taken to depreciate the effect of the bad facts? and more.

Let’s learn from the basic

Well, there are no such classes that can teach the different aspects of the drunk and drive situation, however, there are seminars but one cannot rely on that as different parts of trial are not related to each other.

Well, when you see an amateur attorney leading the drunk drive case it becomes easy to predict what would be his next move. An experienced DUI lawyer in Los Angeles knows very well that incorporated field theory is best when it comes to practice. When an experienced attorney throws that move it becomes difficult for opposing counsel as well to understand who should be blamed for making the case difficult.

The compelling coherence move- this makes the case more emotional and confusing and also makes the jury realize that defendant is not completely in fault.

The basic strategy in order to make a move with a coordinated attack strategy:

Making everyone believe that though the defendant is at guilt yet it’s not the end.

  • Interconnecting the parts of the case
  • The most essential is the selection of the jury.
  • Be convinced enough to convince other people in order to succeed.
  • The whole key point is to convince the jury that the case is not over yet.

Practicing is important

Make the jury and your surroundings feel that you have all the knowledge to face them in the could and you are fully prepared with all your energy and soul for the fight in the court. If the case breaks on the weekend make sure you go down and make the jury realize that there is something hidden in the case and that makes you highly dedicated to it that makes them believe that the client must have not done anything with the purpose.

Interconnecting the case

Well, it could turn out to be the best if you could constantly interconnect one part of the case to another. Linking the parts of the case strengthens the case.

Only Single evidence

If there is only a piece of single evidence to support your case do not make it a focal point as if the evidence gets rejected the whole case gets rejected, keep it engaged with some other aspects as well, so by chance, there is no evidence you have point that can help as additional circumstantial evidence.

Keep the case on the point what is it about:

Compare the state of the client through the whiteness by testifying in order to prove that his voice is normal.

Cross-examination of the arresting officer could help to share the point and prove that the officer was not steady enough to know how the client spoke normally and as it was the first time at the arrest when the officer met the client.


It is difficult to win the cases where it clear that the client is in the fault, however good strategies, experience, and choices make ways its own way to win the case. Additionally, the right choice of the jury, the pattern of courtroom questions, the statements, discussion, and speech are the major aspects that play a very efficient role in winning the case and making it difficult for the jury to decide. I wish you all the luck that prevails!.

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