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9 Health Benefits Your Child Will Get From Swimming

HomeWellness9 Health Benefits Your Child Will Get From Swimming

Swimming is a fun and engaging activity that’s perfect for kids. Spending time in the water can, after all, contribute to better muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. Not to mention that your kid will feel more confident and gain more friends!

As a life-saving skill and fun-filled activity, swimming is definitely worth learning. In fact, it’s good to get a head start and learn how to swim at an early age so your child can reap the full benefits on their physical and mental well-being.

Below we’ve listed the top health benefits that your child can get from swimming at a young age. Let’s take a closer look.

Enhances Strength & Endurance

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that’s perfect for building strength, stamina, flexibility, and endurance. All active movements involved in swimming — from arm movements to leg kicks — engage various parts of the body. This exercise strengthens the arms, legs, and core muscles. It’s also good for the heart and lungs.

Since these movements are performed in the water, they won’t put too much strain on the body. Swimming is a low-impact workout that provides buoyancy. This way, your child can focus on balancing and strengthening their joints and muscles.

Improves Motor Skills

Swimming requires proper hand-eye coordination. Toddler swimming lessons are a good way to improve hand-eye coordination as well as their balancing skills. 

In fact, studies show that infants who swim early have a better balance and overall motor skills. Since swimming requires precise breath control and movement, you can improve your control even when you step out of the water. After all, practicing swimming strokes and exercises regularly is great practice. 

Boosts Concentration

Since performing different swim strokes and styles require the proper motor skills, it helps children concentrate better. Kids will have to focus on their arms, legs, and breathing whenever they float or swim. This level of focus can extend beyond the pool and teach the value of determination especially when faced with difficulty.

Strengthens Character

Did you know that exercise, particularly swimming, can improve character? Swimming teaches the value of perseverance, resilience, hard work, and dedication. To top that off, it’s a fun learning activity. Helping your kids gets used to the water and overcoming their fears can strengthen character and boost their confidence. 

Stimulates Mental Development

Along with its physical benefits, swimming also supports mental health. But how does this outdoor exercise improve the well-being of your child? Swimming engages the senses and helps your kids develop language, speech, and intelligence better and faster.

Their interactions with swimming coaches and other kids in the pool can also contribute to their mental development. They get to solve small problems and obstacles in swimming, an important skill that will come in handy later on in life.

Develops Confidence

Swimming lessons also improve the confidence of your child. Think about it: setting goals and working hard until they reach their target is a great way to develop their confidence.

No matter what their skill level may be, every small accomplishment — from letting go of the wall to go to the other side of the pool to learning how to tread deep waters and different swim strokes — are huge accomplishments. As they become more experienced swimmers and master new swimming techniques, they develop confidence. It can also help them overcome their fear of the water.

Whether it’s their first time in the deep end of the pool or performing a full lap using the butterfly stroke, swimming is a great way to build confidence.

Refines Social Skills

Private swim lessons may be preferred by those who want exclusive attention, but group classes are just as efficient and fun. Toddler swimming lessons are often conducted in small groups with only a few students, the swim coach, and parents accompanying their kids. 

Because it’s just a tight-knit group, children are more likely to interact with their classmates and coaches as they learn. In fact, being in close quarters can encourage them to form friendships with other students and learn together faster. It’s also easier for them to identify which techniques work best by seeing their peers in action.

This shared experience of bonding makes your child more accustomed to interacting with others, an important skill they need as they grow up. Interacting and communicating  with others while in swim class makes learning easier and fun.

Improves Sleep & Memory

Swimming improves memory and sleep. Performing routine activities like leg kicks, floats, and maintaining the proper form require focus. Constant practice can, after all, turn technique into muscle memory. Infants and toddlers who frequently swim also tend to sleep better and longer. And the constant workout can also build up their appetite which is great for your growing kids.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

A happy kid is a healthy kid. Like other types of exercise, swimming is a great stress reliever. Various exercises like floating and gliding, or even just the simple feeling of being in the water can be relaxing. In fact, watch your kids while they splash around in the water. You’ll notice them laughing out loud and squealing in delight!

The low-impact and routine nature of swimming is a water world of fun perfect for kids. It lessens stress and anxiety, making them happier and healthier.

Having fun while learning sparks greater interest, too. Being in the water is fun enough, but learning new skills with others is a healthy way to de-stress and bond.

Enjoy Swimming the Fun Way

The health benefits of swimming are not only limited to infants and toddlers. Teens, parents, and the elderly can also enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of swimming, as well.

Whether you prefer private swim lessons or group classes, it’s never too late to learn this life-saving skill. After all, swimming promotes a sound mind and body. So you might want to consider joining your kids in the water and make it a way for the whole family to bond!

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Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones is a health enthusiast. She loves spending most of her free time playing with her only niece and doing water sports like freediving. She learns to swim because of her asthma and gets the benefits of it while enjoying the water.


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