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How to Choose the Best Video On Demand Online Fitness Platform

HomeWellnessHow to Choose the Best Video On Demand Online Fitness Platform


The global fitness platform market size will be more than USD 16,000 million by the end of 2026. The digital fitness platforms market has an impressive CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 26%. Read on to know about how to launch your fitness platform online.

Reasons to Launch a Fitness VOD Platform

Do you know that there are more than 1,80,000 fitness clubs on the globe? The fitness industry is one of the biggest industries on the globe. After all, who doesn’t want to be in good shape? The rise of health campaigns and digital fitness gadgets suggest the craze of fitness among people. The recent COVID pandemic also gave rise to the need for interactive fitness platforms.

Interactive VOD platforms will let users access fitness classes without stepping out of their houses. Gyms are public spaces and not many people are comfortable working out at public spots. For a business owner, it is easy to launch and manage an online fitness platform. Some of the top reasons why you should launch your fitness VOD platform are as follows:

• Digital Transformation

Businesses around the world are undergoing digital transformation to attract more customers. You can also transform your fitness center into a digital platform to attract more audiences. You do not need physical infrastructure when using an online fitness VOD platform.

• Multiple Monetization Techniques

People will subscribe to your fitness VOD platform by paying the required amount. However, a subscription is not the only way you can generate revenue from your online fitness platform. You can provide paid downloadable resources to your users. There are many other options to earn like selling meal charts, eBooks, fitness products, etc.

• Network and Content

You can only train a limited number of people at your physical fitness center. By providing online fitness classes, you can build an online community with many fitness enthusiasts. You can also provide varied and diverse fitness content to your viewers with an online fitness VOD platform.

How to Create Live Stream Fitness Classes for My Viewers?

You can live-stream your fitness classes via a fitness VOD platform. Live videos require fewer editing efforts than pre-recorded fitness videos. You have to set up your live recording instrument like webcam, tripod-stand camera before live-streaming. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection before starting your online fitness program classes.

Many online fitness platform providers can help you with live fitness videos. Once you have chosen your fitness live streaming platform, you can launch a live studio to interact with your viewers.

Points to Remember While Choosing a Fitness VOD Platform Provider

Are you looking to choose a fitness VOD platform provider? Well, there are several must-have specifications to build a reliable fitness VOD platform. The guide to choosing a fitness VOD platform is as follows:

• Video Streaming Features

You should choose a white-label platform provider for launching your online fitness platform. Choose a platform provider that lets you customize your video streaming features according to your audience. Your fitness VOD platform should be scalable so that you can build progressive web applications. You can also look at social media login features on an online fitness VOD platform.

• Live Streaming Features

A fitness VOD platform should be able to passively stream videos 24*7 to attract more viewers. You should also be able to re-stream live videos or live stream pre-recorded videos. Also, look for a platform provider that offers simulcasting and webcasting features. During your live fitness video, you should be able to interact with the viewers via Q&A sessions, audience chat, comments, etc.

• Reliable CMS

The best online fitness classes provide multilingual support for viewer convenience. Build a fitness VOD platform that lets you upload videos in bulk. Your fitness VOD platform should support multiple audio and video formats to target more VOD devices. A reliable CMS (Content Management System) will let you import or export fitness content to/from other VOD platforms.

• Monetization Models

Do you know how to start a fitness VOD business and start earning? Well, there are multiple monetize fitness videos online for VOD platforms like subscription VOD, catch-up TV, pay-per-view VOD, server-side ad insertion, third-party ad integration, etc. Choose a fitness platform provider that lets you choose from multiple monetization models for generating revenue.

• Multi-faceted Video Player

Do you know how to choose a fitness VOD platform based on the video player? Well, your video player should be able to provide different playbacks based on the screen size and user preferences. The video player should be adaptable to different screen sizes and resolutions. A video player that is adaptable with various types of devices will help you in attracting viewers. Your video players should also provide a subtitle option as it is used by many viewers.

• Security and DRM

Do you know how to create a fitness VOD platform with high-security features? Well, AES encryption, geo-blocking, paywall integration, and password protection are some of the must-have security features in a fitness VOD platform. Your VOD platform should also have a strong DRM (Data Rights Management) system to stop piracy. You can protect your VOD content from being misused or copied by a strong DRM system.

• High-end Analytics

How to launch a fitness VOD platform that lets you know your business performance? Well, choose a platform provider that offers high-end analytics to know about your viewers. With high-end analytics and performance reports, you can set the right business strategies to grow your fitness VOD platform.


You can refer to the above guide to a fitness streaming platform for launching a VOD platform. Make sure that you choose a white-label fitness platform provider that lets you have lifetime ownership of your VOD platform. Launch your fitness VOD platform now!

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