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8 Common Health Conditions That Require Physiotherapy

HomeWellness8 Common Health Conditions That Require Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a medical treatment that has been very helpful to so many conditions. The most common one is for people with sports injuries. It has also been beneficial to those who go through musculoskeletal conditions. Other disorders that physiotherapist treat includes movement, genetic and neurological disorders. These are among the treatments that will require physical therapy, along with taking other medications. The following are some of the conditions that will benefit from this procedure.

Parkinson’s Disease

It is a disorder that mainly affects the brain. It is characterized by stiffness, difficulty in movement, shaking, coordination and balance. The condition begins to slow, and then it gets worse. The patient may experience challenges in talking and walking. It is a progressive and chronic movement disorder.

The treatment of the condition includes a training exercise that helps in minimizing freezing and shuffling when walking. Physiotherapy helps in balance and walking issues. It also helps to reduce shrinking muscles and helps in minimizing tremors. The therapists help patients with prescribing exercises that help in reducing disease progression.

Huntington’s Disease

It is a disease that prevents the brain from working properly. It is an inherited condition that progressively gets worse with time for as long as 20 years. It is characterized by the breaking down of nerve cells in the brain. Physiotherapy helps patients suffering from this condition in managing symptoms such as progressive movement.

The disease also causes spasms and involuntary movement, impaired judgment, rapid weight loss, slurred speech, and unsteady gait.

One of the main effects of physiotherapy is improving stability and core strength to control abnormal involuntary movement. The treatment also helps improve mobility because it involves training and exercises that help strengthen the muscles. The treatment also helps patients with both balance and tasking.

Pelvic Pain and Sexual Dysfunction

Pelvic pain in women can cause sexual dysfunction. The condition mainly affects the pelvic region, and it goes up to six months. The pelvic pain can be caused by various conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometriosis.

The pain can be treated with regular stretches and exercises found in physiotherapy. The condition in women mostly begins at childbirth. However, it can also occur to men. Some of the other procedures found in physiotherapy include manipulations, electrical stimulation, cold or hot packs, and massages.

A good therapist can also treat sexual dysfunctions, incontinence and pelvic pain in women and men. The treatment for this condition includes myofascial release, tissue, and nerve mobilization. It also involves yoga exercises, electrical stimulation, piriformis stretches, and manual therapy.

Cerebral Palsy

It is a congenital disorder of posture, movement, or muscle tone. It is caused by an abnormal brain development that is often before the person is born. Some of the symptoms include floppy, rigid limbs, involuntary motions, and exaggerated reflexes noticed in early childhood. Some of the long-term treatment includes surgery, drugs, and physiotherapy.

It affects the person’s ability to move and posture, and maintaining balance. It mainly affects the brain. Children mostly experience the condition. Physiotherapy has different sessions for children suffering from this condition. It involves three different development stages that help kids to improve in movement and strength. When the child grows up to school-age, they undergo physiotherapy sessions that involve transfers, school-based activities, and walking.

The treatment also involves exercise programs and adaptive sports like bowling, swimming, and cycling as they get to adulthood. Physiotherapy helps such patients with minimizing joint problems, managing pain, and maintaining strength.


It is a disease that involves abnormal cells dividing uncontrollably and spreading throughout the body as they destroy other body tissues. There is no official treatment for cancer. However, patients who are diagnosed with the condition go through chemotherapy sessions, medication, and radiation.

The patients can also get help through physical therapy in skilled, outpatient, and acute skilled nursing treatments. Additionally, in Gold Coast, Australia, there is a certified physiotherapist in Stafford Brisbane that the patients can consult with. The therapy also helps them in managing the side effects of their treatment. It also benefits them by reducing fatigue, regaining and maintaining strength. Most patients are subjected to flexibility, resistance exercise, and flexibility to be as often as 150 minutes every week.

Physical therapy helps the patients in managing cancer symptoms and in treating the conditions. It also helps in identifying, treating, and preventing impairments that are consequences of cancer.


It is a condition characterized by swelling that is due to excess lymph fluids in the body. The lymph nodes are characterized by the drain in the patient’s sink. If the drain is blocked, the fluids cannot drain. Most of the time, it occurs in the legs, arms, and other parts of the body. The condition is mostly caused by blocking the lymphatic system, which is part of the circulatory and immune systems.

Due to the blockage, the lymphatic system gathers lymph fluids and moves them across the bloodstream and the whole body. Physiotherapy involves compression garments or complete decongestive therapy to minimize the swelling and slow the future fluid buildup.

Multiple Sclerosis

It is a disease in which the immune system takes away the protective cover of the nerves. The disease causes the disabling of the spinal cord and brain. Moreover, it disrupts the communication between the body and the brain. There is no known cause of the condition. It is a common diagnosis for people who are between the age of 20 and 50. It is most common to women compared to men. It is characterized by weakening of the muscles, numbness, and spasticity. Physiotherapy, in conjunction with nurses, helps patients with mobility, balance, and training. It also helps with assistive devices such as scooters and canes.

Body Pains

There are other conditions that physiotherapy helps patients overcome. One of them in back pains. Patients who experience such go through many exercises during therapy, and it helps them in quick recovery. It helps in reducing the pain and helps patients with mobility.

In Conclusion

Physiotherapy is a very helpful treatment for some conditions. As much as taking medication is necessary, patients also have to go through an extra main to get better.

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