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    Who founded Canva?

    Cameron Adams, Cliff Obrecht, and CEO Melaine Perkins now lead one of the most valuable start-ups from Australia.

    What is Canva?

    Canva helps us to create custom graphics easily. it is easily done by phone, laptop, computer, etc., it helps us to design them attractively, we can also use designs for presentations, brochures, business cards, Instagram posts, business cards, Gift certificate, Resumes, event Invitation, menu, etc

    5 essential tools you need to know about

    Colour wheel: It helps us to change the color in the design, choose the color option and multiple colors will be available, choose any one color and apply it, these can be applied to a range of elements say like text, backgrounds, shapes, icons, etc

    Grids to layouts: This is a tool that acts as a frame for the images, it stretches the image across the whole design, and we can add multiple images together to crop images. these are also useful for enhancing the image with a unique filter

    Use text holders: It helps us to move text around the image so that it is placed in a correct position to look attractive

    Place an image in frames: Drag and drop your image into canvas frames to create a good theme, many types of frames are available in the canvas, which helps look an image in a creative manner

    Layout: Canva is a multi-image grid, use these grids to create a visual narrative, or as a simple way to create.

    How to use Canva

    Canva is very easy to use; there are a few steps to follow before starting the design

    Consider where the content is living and according to that we should create the design

    Ideas: think that how it should be designed to look attractive

    Have a look at canvas templates: There are many template designs in the canvas have a look and choose which is good for your image

     Consider aesthetics: Balance, tone, the color of the font, etc

    Once you complete your whole design click save so that it is saved in your device and then export it

    Benefits of canvas

    • Easy to use multiple designs, templates, fonts, etc
    • No experience is required and anyone can use it easily
    • Free design platform

    This is an app that everyone can easily use with free design and templates and we can also use logos to post. Now, this platform has 30millon monthly users across 190 countries with big-name companies, this also includes Sales force, PayPal, Marriott International, American Airlines, etc, which have almost made 3 billion designs up to date.

    What problem does canva solve?

    The main purpose of the can is to enable the whole world to design differently, by providing graphic designs, templates, icons, images, etc as a service, functions of this are to provide design for people who are in need but don’t have access designers.

    Smart ways to use Canva for Social Media

    Branded Images: Canva helps companies to look the brand image beautiful, whether you use the logo, social media handles, hash tags, etc

    Instagram Stories: Nowadays everyone is interested to use social media and each one of us have an account, million people are using Instagram Stories every day, people use canva to attract their stories and post on social media for marketing purpose.

    Facebook Cover photos: Facebook cover photo is the first and foremost thing that everyone sees when they click your profile; these Facebook cover images give your audience a good impression about your brand to look attractive.

    Is Canva software?

    It is used to create marketing content, sales presentations, training videos, and more by companies of all types. This solution includes features such as drag-and-drop design and photo editing with access to custom fonts, frames, shapes, grids, and icons.

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