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How to Cut Field Service Costs in 5 Easy Steps

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An organization’s field operations costs may be reduced in five different ways, all while delighting its consumers.

  1. There has been a 72 percent growth in the number of corporate mobile devices globally, according to Citrix’s Mobile Analytics Report. Some of the most significant difficulties that service firms face, such as lack of real-time information, decreased productivity, profitability, and overall client happiness, cannot be solved without mobility. With a single mobile platform for initiating a case and monitoring work orders and invoicing, all parties involved in the field support process can see what is happening in real-time. It is possible to increase productivity by creating a specialized app for the company’s employees to use on the go. Real-time visibility through mobile requires an internet connection.
  1. Keeping gasoline costs down: Fuel prices are rising all around the world every year. The expense of gasoline is borne by the organization every time a field technician travels a greater distance, which affects profitability. A reduction in fuel consumption is one of the many benefits of using map integration. Field technicians are required to travel to a variety of locations in a single day, depending on the assignment provided by service managers. Customers and service managers may keep tabs on a technician’s whereabouts via map integration in addition to helping field staff keep tabs on their placements. Travel optimization and cost reduction may be improved by using map intelligence.
  2. When a client brings up a new problem, it’s conceivable that the technician in the field doesn’t have prior knowledge of it. Customers are less likely to be satisfied while a problem remains unsolved. The current application should be integrated with a knowledge base so that comparable problems may be examined and handled. Every time a technician encounters a difficult or unusual situation, they may post their findings on the portal and help others. A separate knowledge source is available to assist clients in resolving some of the less significant issues. As a result, service requests and total costs are reduced.
  3. In addition to reducing costs and improving production, effective parts management plays a key role. Daily field service equipment requires a large number of pricey spare components. A parts management application that is connected with the existing application may assist companies in identifying and cataloging the necessary components for a given product. A list of warehouse components is also useful, as is equipping the field technician with the necessary equipment and expertise. When it comes to client satisfaction and a high first-time repair rate, a qualified and skilled service technician is the key.
  4. The service management console of the current application used by the company should include alerts and notifications functionality. It has the potential to have a significant impact on both the bottom line and the level of customer happiness. A manager should be notified if an SLA is not reached or if a case is not addressed. When a new task is issued or the priority of work is modified, the system should inform the appropriate staff. Saving time and improving service quality are both facilitated by this technology using Workerx Field Service Management Software on Mobile Devices.

It is essential for service management enterprises to take advantage of technological advancements in mobile and software capabilities to remain competitive. There is a slew of items on the market, as well as some excellent alternatives and possibilities for your organization.

Mobile technology and field service software can help your company’s productivity and efficiency by integrating them into your service management system.

When and where you need it.

HTML5 mobile app technology has been used to combine the newest software with mobile devices. Software and its data may be accessed on any mobile device at any time by a company’s field service staff.

Using “local storage,” HTML5 allows apps to significantly enhance a mobile device’s offline capabilities. This is a game-changing capability. Data is stored in the app in the event of a loss of online connectivity, allowing an operator to continue working on their mobile device. To update the central system and server, the app utilizes stored browsing data whenever an internet connection is reestablished.

Additionally, service management firms with mobility staff who must always be “on the road” might get a more general advantage from mobile access that is immensely appealing to them (rather than returning to the office for paperwork and instructions). In the end, this implies that operatives will be able to work fluidly between assignments without the need to go to the office in between, saving both time and money.

More intelligent scheduling

A field service software program may plan appointments directly to employees’ mobile devices by integrating mobile technologies and in-built intelligent scheduling features. In this case, it implies that employees remain on the road rather than returning to their desks to do paperwork.

In addition, an in-built planner will optimize appointments, utilizing current locations while minimizing driving time. The software is reducing the environmental effect of service management teams and slashing gasoline expenses by up to 30 percent by minimizing driving time.

Mobile field service software integration with a service management firm has several advantages, as the information shown above illustrates. The best method to guarantee that your company’s technology is in sync with your working style, your goals, and the strategic direction of your firm is to thoroughly study and examine available software.

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