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Challenges International Students Facing in Winnipeg during Their Studies

HomeEducationalChallenges International Students Facing in Winnipeg during Their Studies

Manitoba is a popular province in Canada. Winnipeg is the capital city of this province and many individuals come to this city to get higher education. Winnipeg comprises some excellent universities and independent colleges.

Three universities in Winnipeg are the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, and Université de Saint-Boniface. Besides, there are two independent colleges, which are Booth University College and Red River College Polytechnic. Students from different parts of the world can be witnessed studying in these institutes.

But, when international students come to Winnipeg, they definitely face some challenges like the other cities which host overseas students. These challenges may be related to their studies, their student accommodation in Winnipeg, or anything else.

In this article, you will know about some challenges you may face as a student during your studies in this city.

You Feel Like an Outsider

It is quite obvious that when you come to a new country to stay for the first time, you feel like an outsider. When you meet the domestic students of Winnipeg, sometimes, you may feel like the odd one out.

But, this is not a big challenge. It can be overcome easily. The first thing you need to do to overcome it is to be in touch with students from your home country. It is a known fact that plenty of students from other parts of the world visit Winnipeg. You don’t need to go far to search for them as you get them in your place of accommodation.

There are many ways to meet such students. There are common areas in the accommodation places where students can visit and meet other residents. Here, you can meet individuals from your own country as well as from other countries.

You can also get the students from your country immediately after shifting to Winnipeg. There are rental rooms for students in Winnipeg, which have multiple occupancy features. Similarly, you can get shared apartments and studios also. You can choose these multiple occupancy options and select a residence that has one or more students from your own country.

If any of your friends or schoolmates have also taken admitted to Winnipeg then you can also decide to stay with him/her and can book accommodation in the city with him/her.

However, it is a very rare situation when you don’t get a student from your own country but if you are in that situation then also you have the option. You can befriend foreign students who are not from Canada but from some other country. Since you both are outsiders, you may feel comfortable with them also.

These are the things you need to do at the beginning of your stay in Winnipeg. After a few months of your stay, you will be familiar with domestic students. After that, you will not feel like an outsider.


The Challenge of Currency Differences

The price of your currency will definitely be different from the price of Canadian dollars. For instance, if you belong to India, then you find a huge difference between the prices of Canadian dollars and Indian rupees. One Canadian dollar is equal to approximately sixty Indian rupees. So, the structure of the currency may confuse you at the time of spending. You can resolve this problem by talking to domestic students.

Another challenge related to the currency you may face is the price of the assets. To get the things at the right price, you should have the appropriate knowledge about them. You can get this information by talking to others and by reading the rate lists.

Facing the Cultural Misunderstandings

Every culture has some unwritten rules. You do not know about the culture of Winnipeg and Canada as a foreigner. So, you may face some misunderstandings. Therefore, sometimes, you may make mistakes. Don’t feel embarrassed if you do this. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do that mistake again. Always remember that you are not alone in doing this.

With the passage of time, you will start understanding the culture of the place where you are living. You will meet the indigenous students of Winnipeg and other parts of Canada. While talking to them, you will be able to understand a lot.

Challenge in Studies

Most of foreign universities only accept bright students. So, if you have got admission to Winnipeg, you would definitely be a bright student. But, still, you may face challenges in your studies in Winnipeg. It is because there are always some differences in the method of education in different countries.

But, you have no need to worry about this challenge. You only have to give proper attention to your studies. After a few days or months, you will understand the Canadian method of teaching and will be able to overcome this challenge.

To Sum Up

Finally, it is advised to students to not be afraid of challenges. All these challenges can be overcome easily if you give a little attention.

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Sophia Bush
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