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Getting to Know a CoolSculpting Machine

HomeWellnessGetting to Know a CoolSculpting Machine

Ever considered you have a regular diet, healthy routine, and workout sessions but you still contain fat on different parts of your bodies. To look good, fit, one might need to remove bulge of fat—mainly dwelling in the abdomen, hips, inner & upper thighs, upper arms & lower arms, chest, chin, and back. Cool sculpting is used to remove the unwanted fat on your body and gives you a fit looking body. The reason why most of the people prefer is because, no hustle is needed and the process is non-surgical. The method consist of fat freezing treatment that give you the robust elimination of stubborn fat.

Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a very much secure and effective method of body contouring and weight loss without mild or no side effects.

CoolSculpting is able to:

  • Provide body contouring and weight loss without any surgical procedures.
  • Best suitable for adults whose skin haven’t responded to exercises and diet.
  • Patients with loose skin are also treated.
  • Within 4-6 weeks patient can see visible changes in their body.
  • Patients are free to use it at any without any schedule time.
  • The process is pain free process for body.

Different areas are addressed by cool sculpting some are given as:

  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Lower and Upper Back Arms
  • Chest

How to Use the Cool Sculpting Machine?

Firstly the size of the addressed areas will be measured and skin will be marked for the right placement of the applicator. Secondly, place the gel pad on the addressed to provide barrier to the skin. The patient may relax during the treatment time. Lastly, activates the activator on the addressed area and the applicator will freeze the fat cells. During treatment the temperature is very low as decreases gradually to 13 degree celsius so that fat cells freezes and eventually die after the treatment. After the process is completed the applicator will be removed.

Choosing the Best Coolsculpting Machine

Depending on robust results and value over view, our experts have researched a result effecting models of cool sculpting machine;

Read: Best Coolsculpting Machine for Home Use

Treatment Time for CoolSculpting

Each CoolSculpting session takes between 35-75 minutes, depending on the body part and applicator being used. If you are treating multiple areas, your entire procedure can take several hours.3 in 1 applicator are used to adjust to different sizes and shapes of the addressed areas.

Types of CoolSculpting

There are types of cool sculpting machine mainly depending on the areas being addressed and the fat to remain and fit. It helps in body contouring. Every single part of our body has its own shape and body curves to keep these areas fit and remove extra fat present—the variety of applicators are used.

Cool Fit

It is used for areas of the inner thighs, upper arms and vertical planes in the abdomen.Helps in fat reduction having flat orientations.It is used for less curved areas.

Cool Curve plus

it is the advanced generation of the cool curve with excellent curvature to be fitted easily in the curved and rounded skin. To give a natural shape to the body and can contour the curve of the body eg chest curves can be given a natural shape.


CoolCore is the applicators used for  the abdomen. It can be used to  shape and keep the address areas

Positionally—It should be used carefully to address the bulges of fat.

Cool Max

It is used to address large areas of the body and to handle large volume of use to grab large amount of fat in the center of the application.Used to cover large areas such as abdomen and very easy to use.

Cool Smooth Pro

It is very much comfortable to use for the patients. These applicators are  used for body contouring in areas of the abdomen.


It is the newest addition in the cool sculpting.To address a small area of fat it is made small to cover the applicator line.It is easy for cool mini to shape the body.Used for small areas such as double chin and neck areas.

The Complications of Coolsculpting

As no story is without complications and side effects, the CoolSculpting procedure can likewise put you in certain sours. Much of the patients have enjoyed the results and the process but some has resisted as well. The real concern of health issues that may come up are discussed under this section but getting insights, the method was approved in 2010 by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. The main idea depends on method “cryolipolysis” that based on what happens to fat during frostbite. The side effects that were commonly enrolled in the reel were;

The patient considered the procedure and everything went normal under no bad conditions, the results were satisfying when the patient came back after two months and had several more sessions, the skin discolouration on the left abdomen was noticed. The discolouration was prescribed as Silvadene. The redness readily stood on that side of the abdomen, afterwards the skin peeled off. The clinician gave off tiple action cream, Aquaphor with certain medications and the patient improved thoroughly.

Patient felt burning in lower abdomen and sharp pain—doctors told the results are not usual.

A male patient received two complete sessions of CoolSculpting on the lower side of the abdomen. The results were efficient but after three months of the treatment, the increased amount of fat in the lower region of abdomen was noticed. After a further month, the patient underwent ultrasound and the report stated “increase in volume, thickness and density of the relevant lower abdominal fat, certainly not associated with the collections or mass, there is no eventration”. Afterwards the report, the surgeon recommended liposuction. (Source)

Note: This article doesn’t feedback as the process contains certain harms, the upper results may be or may not be extremely rare cases of certain treatment. Every human body has different perception of results and effects. Case study your requirements then go for what suites you with the recommendation of your physician.


Cool sculpting treatment is used to keep your body in shape and fit.The choice of Coolsculpting depends on the area and size of the part to be addressed.It is a freezing fat treatment which kills the fat cells by freezing them.It is a very much safe and secure to remove fat from thighs abdomen hips arms and doublechins etc.This procedure takes 12 weeks to complete the treatment for weight loss and to remove fats from Different parts of the body.

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